It’s So Hard to Say Goodbye to CT101

The semester has finally come to an end and I’m upset to depart with CT101 and Ryan seeing as how I really enjoyed this class and have learned a lot of new skills that I never really knew before or was interested in.


The most interesting skillset that I learned in CT101 class would have to be learning my way around Photoshop which is what we used a lot for our projects such as the Vaporwave, the Vintage Travel Poster and the Celebrity GIF we made based on the people who inspire us or influence us in life.

Even though, it’s nice and could be convenient if I plan to take another Communications Technology class at CUNY York College which I do plan to enroll in CT201 with Professor Larry Tung next year Spring which will be my last semester before I graduate. You know to rack up the last few credits I will need. I don’t think I will use the Photoshop Application very much. The grade I think I earned in CT101 would be either an A or A-. I completed all the assignments and posted on my site whenever I could. I do plan to maintain and keep up with my site but I hope to upload more news articles to pursue my journalism career as like a digital footprint for possible internships or maybe even landing a professional career with a magazine company here in New York.

I really enjoyed this class and Ryan. Every Tuesday I looked forward to CT101 except you know waking up at 8 am to arrive to class on time. Ryan is a very cool, kind, and understanding professor at York and unlike any other instructor I’ve taken within the 3 years of my college journey which in my opinion makes him the absolute best. If only Ryan taught more than one class at York. I would highly recommend enrolling in CT101 with Ryan. He’s great, the class is really fun and cool as well as there’s no textbook to buy or extensive homework to complete.




Near The End of The Semester…

It’s almost about that time again. Another end to a successful semester. With less than a week of classes left, I’m reflecting on how this past semester was kind-of like a tug-of-war game.

Between starting the semester with 5 classes then dropping one class because I didn’t like the course load or the professor’s teaching methods in ENG286 and working constantly this past year. I work as a server at an upscale Italian Venue located in Howard Beach. Considering that from February until now, it’s been super busy with people/families planning parties/events because of the warmer weather and busy season. I’ve been tired and sleepy so much because I’ve been working non-stop and sometimes even working double shifts running on very little or no sleep.

And I love my sleep; for me to function and get through a very long day, I would need more than 8 hours of sleep. If not, the alternative would be for me to buy a large French Vanilla Iced Coffee with Milk and Sugar from Dunkin Donuts.

Although, I have enjoyed the classes I selected for this semester. They are: CT101: Digital Storytelling, HE342: Drug Use & Abuse, JOUR387: Ethics & Law of Journalism and HUM110: Film Studies. I picked mostly electives to fulfill the requirement and because I didn’t want to have too much of a course load like I did this past Fall. I learned a lot from all my Professors at York and really enjoyed their teaching methods, and their ability to explain or help me with an issue.



Missed Class to Catch up on Sleep

Today, I missed class because last night I had a family member submitted to the Hospital because of health issues. I had to drive my mother and myself to New York-Presbyterian Queens Hospital at 11 pm to meet up with my family. The hospital was packed with people, patients and other family members as hospitals usually are but I didn’t expect to be there for as long as I did. I was tired, hungry and just overall over waiting in the hospital waiting room. My family member was finally treated and discharged at 3 am. I then had to drive my family members home to their house in Flushing then drove my mom and myself home to Far Rockaway. I didn’t step foot into my apartment building till after 4 am. I knew I wouldn’t survive the day on 4 hours of sleep so I decided to miss CT101 for my health and get my necessary 8 hours of sleep.

1990’s-2000’s Vaporwave Creation

Today we created our own vaporwaves. If you don’t know what is a vaporwave? A Vaporwave is a microgenre of electronic music and an Internet meme that emerged in the early 2010s. The style is defined by its appropriation of 1980s and 1990s mood music styles, internet imagery glitch art, anime, pop culture and many more. If I’m being honest, I didn’t know what a vaporwave was either but I have heard of the term. It was really fun and cool to create my own. For my first vaporwave, I don’t like it all that much but I may make another one. I basically just grabbed a bunch of transparent vaporwave graphics from google and just copied and pasted them onto the Vaporwave pink and blue background grid in Photoshop. I mostly chose images/graphics from the 90’s considering that I was born in the mid 90’s and I loved everything about the 1990’s and the early 2000’s. It just sucks that a lot of things that debuted during these times are no longer available such as television shows, toys, clothing, sneakers, etc.