Its been a pleasure guys and Prof Ryan thanks for being Awsome

My website : Hunain Arshad  This is my first website that i created personally. I always thought creating a website requires coding on complicated platforms.  But anybody can create a detailed website with the help of WordPress.  Around 50% of this figure (close to 37 million) is hosted on the free In the realm of self-hosted sites, WordPress accounts for 18.9% of all websites

Hunain Arshad   was created for CT101 Digital storytelling class. I used to share tons of videos on facebook and some friends started complaining about the amount of videos and infomration i post on facebook.  To make sure my friends are not annoyed of me anymore i changed the setting to share “only me ”  i share the posts to refer back to them if i need them.

So I found a useful purpose of my website as soon as i created it,i started sharing videos and information on my own website without bothering anybody lol.

I went through many themes on my website by i found the one currently applied to my website to be the best one. I am going to change the black background and update the header image with an actual image of our galaxy that i took with my camera.

Future use of my Website:  After the finals i will redo my website entirely. I plan on using my website to share my work of astrophotography, time-lapse videos and cinematic videos that i create using my Drone.

Photoshop is a big part of my future work and projects. Ct 101 really helped me learn the basics and capabilities of Photoshop and i am very impressed. I have already purchased the Adobe photoshop package.  they give great discount to students so it will cost you $20 a month with an annual commitment. So take advantage of it plus you get access to all their apps plus the mobile version of all apps.

I will remove some categories from my website such as


Because i just want my work on my website. Nothing that distract the visitors. Its going to be focused on videos and cinematography. I think you just get better at what you do when you share the knowldage so i do plan on adding tutorials put it on youtube and link to my website. After all if Mark gee my favorite astrophotographer didn’t post tutorials how would’ve i learned? So its like i am repaying the debt by teaching others and acknowladgeing  Mark gee’s work as much as i can.

Below is my header image and welcome page.

The about page will be redone and re-written.


I created this website as part of my class project. But after my first blog post I realized i have a platform to share my ideas and things that interest me. I update my website weekly with new contents so stay tuned.

Bottom Line: 

i realized that my website need lots of improvement.  Less clutter, a better theme, better background color, and a link to my social media profiles.

I hate goodbyes:  Until next time. Enjoy your life




My love for Astrophotography

It might look boring but the end results are extremely satisifying.  Astrophotography is truly a spiritual experience. I plan on camping out in the catskill area this summer to film a timelapse video of our galaxy and stars. I have already tried stargazing all night at Robert Moses state park  Star gazing. Who inspired me ? … Continue reading My love for Astrophotography

It might look boring but the end results are extremely satisifying.  Astrophotography is truly a spiritual experience. I plan on camping out in the catskill area this summer to film a timelapse video of our galaxy and stars. I have already tried stargazing all night at Robert Moses state park  Star gazing.

Who inspired me ?  Mark Gee.

Whats next for me?  I have lots of unedited footage that i am working on that i will post after i am with my finals. Trust me its very time consuming.

Some examples of astrophotography by mark gee:


Castlepoint is one of the most spectacular sites along the Wairarapa coastline. It’s located on the east coast of the North Island of New Zealand, and is known for its fossil-rich limestone reef, lighthouse and magnificent 162 metre high Castle Rock. I headed out there recently on a perfectly clear night. The stars and Milky Way were shining ever so brightly above the coastal settlement, as the sweeping light of the lighthouse lit up the surrounding landscape. It was an amazing sight somewhat like a dream, which I will remember for a long time to come.


If i am successful i should have something like this


Visit my website by end of next month and i will have something posted.




Net Art

I am a big fan of commercial jets and flying in general. I plan on getting my private pilot license by end of this year. Most of the things i do are related to airplanes.  like recently i purchased a Sony A7s ii camera just to film landings and take off at night time. i was inspired by FLUGSNUG he uses Sony A7sii  and the results are unreal. Especially the one filmed at night look like a flight simulator with high quality graphics.


Check out the video above, i am sure you will love it.

So my Net Art is related to airplane too. I used newhive

My NetArt




I have been into Videography for some time now.  I wouldn’t categorize my self as a Vlogger because i am more interested in creating cinematic videos of landscape, busy cities. Time lapse, Hyper lapse videos. I shot lots of footage but none of them are good enough for the internet at least in my point view. I own a Sony A7s II which is a very powerful camera specially for night time videography and i found another perfect way to use my camera which is Astrophotography. It requires lots and lots of patience and some serious skills. All i got is patience. Let me first show you some samples of astrophotography By Mark Gee who is an award winning astrophotographer.

check out Mark gee mesmerizing videos. 

But i am way more psyched about filming the milky way. Its not an easy task, i have to find a spot with no light pollution,i can only film the milky way during the new moon, and my camera setup has to be perfect in order to get good quality time lapse footage of our Galaxy.

Heres an example of Time lapse footage of milky way.


In order to shoot this i would have to travel to a place with no light pollution which is not possible in NYC. A wild idea is to go to Montauk point in long island take a boat 30-40 miles from the shore and i might hit the jackpot. LOL

Well guys wish me luck and when ever i succeed in this project of mine i promise i will come back here on and share my experience with you.




GIF portrait project was a little challenging. I tried to follow the  submission rules . i will work on the same image and insert a background to make it a little more interesting.

I am a big fan of Game of thrones GOT and my favorite character is Tyrion played by peter. He has out smarted everybody in the show and i think he should sit on the iron throne. Director of game of thrones George R R martin believes ” all men must die”  I hope this doesn’t apply to Tyrion because i will be devastated if something happens to him LOL







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