My domain name..

Currently I’m stuck on what I would like to do for my website. There are so many things I’m interested in. However, I want to be able to create a site about things I enjoy. As I write this, I have come to a conclusion that I will be creating a personal blog website. I was between creating a website just on makeup… but my website will be on travel spots, food and makeup.,” will be my domain name. I came up with it because I will be doing a blog about things in my life that excites me. My blog will feature skills that I’ve learned in CT101. Below, is a image that I created from my CT101 class last week to be featured in my blog.

Above is a moving image I created with the photoshop application on the computer. Carli Bybel, is a makeup artist that I love. She’s very talented and my love for makeup grows from watching her videos.

A few of my favorite Vacation Spots…

I’m a little late posting the DS106 Assignment#1… But I really wanted to show you guys a few of my favorite spots I visited last year. I went to St.Thomas, Bahamas and my favorite Thailand. I recently fell in love with traveling because it is so relaxing for the mind, body and soul! Just being able to experience different cultures, is amazing. Tasting the various foods from all over was cool especially because I love cooking.
I have so many pictures, I had no idea which one to choose to do this assignment. I can’t wait to experience more. Coming soon Summer 2019, Germany!

My Bella

After the class practice with panorama, I knew I wanted to try taking a photo with my puppy Bella. As you guys can see I post her alot! Bella is the love of my life and CT101 allows me to express that in many ways. Trying to take a panorama photo with Bella was extremely difficult. She keeps on moving I had to take several!

The battle of the York Students

In CT101, we learned how to create a panorama picture. I always take panorama photos, especially when I am on vacation. You’re allowed to capture much more in just one photo, super cool! When Professor Seslow, told the class you could capture the came photo twice, in one picture my mind was blown. The examples he shown, were pretty cool.

The class then went outside in the hallway, and we all took our own photo. My group decided to take a photo where it looks like we are battling each other. Check it out below, the other team was clearly not ready to fight.