My last CT101 post…

In CT101, I’ve learned a lot. Thanks to Professor Seslow, I was able to learn new techniques. I really enjoyed, creating memes. I was able to use my own images which was really cool. It was pretty interesting as well to see other students posts on the CT101 website.

I really enjoyed including my Bella for classwork. There are so many ways I could use the skills I’ve learned in this class towards my everyday life. For example, I love traveling and the vintage poster class assignment was cool creating vintage travel posters.

The best part of this class was creating our own website. Who would have known all the maintenance work is super difficult to up keep. I’m really appreciative that I was able to create a website that could show case all things that make me happy in my life. I probably did not keep up with it as much as I should but I really had fun playing around with all the widgets and displaying everything. The following link is my website. It is not perfect but my favorite part of my website was adding the video as my headline. Check it  out…

Overall, this class made me Happy !

I would love a B+ for this class.

When I did not go to class I would look at other students blogs and learn from it. For example, the vaporwave art. I missed that class and missed the chance to learn how to do it. Thanks to professor Seslow and my fellow classmates I was able to look at what they did and figure it out. For doing it at home I thought I did pretty well.







Trying VaporWave Art from home !

Missing class on the vapor art assignment was a total bummer! However, there are many online videos, apps and etc that showed me how to create one. It was very interesting to see all the different ways you could create vapor art. I was able to find a few apps to help me in the process. Finding the right photoshop application for my windows laptop was difficult. Instead I used my IPad. It was easy and so much fun! Being that I just got back from vacation, I was highly inspired. Be sure to check my vapor art below and feel free to leave a comment on what you think !

Vintage Poster.

In CT101 class from last week, we recreated a vintage poster. We were able to choose any place and use photoshop to edit the photo. This allowed me to use skills from previous classes in order to complete the assignment.

Recreating the image was not easy. I could not remember how to remove the text. I had to ask professor Seslow. Although he showed me how to remove the text by using the the “rectangular marquee” tool then filling it with “content-aware” it did not work 100%. It did not work because I originally selected too much. In order to remove the text as I hoped I had to fill the text twice. Below is an vintage image of Aruba.

Above is an image and in the text it says “Aruba una isla feliz” in spanish. In english it translate to “Aruba one happy island.”

The poster that I created that is above says “CT101 una clase de felicidad” in spanish. In english it translate “CT101 a class of happiness.” I chose to do a vintage poster on Aruba because it is one of my travel destination during spring break! My blogging website that I created for this class is a combination of everything that I love to do travel, makeup and experience new places to eat! Feel free to check out a few things that I love to do on my blog…


My domain name..

Currently I’m stuck on what I would like to do for my website. There are so many things I’m interested in. However, I want to be able to create a site about things I enjoy. As I write this, I have come to a conclusion that I will be creating a personal blog website. I was between creating a website just on makeup… but my website will be on travel spots, food and makeup.,” will be my domain name. I came up with it because I will be doing a blog about things in my life that excites me. My blog will feature skills that I’ve learned in CT101. Below, is a image that I created from my CT101 class last week to be featured in my blog.

Above is a moving image I created with the photoshop application on the computer. Carli Bybel, is a makeup artist that I love. She’s very talented and my love for makeup grows from watching her videos.

A few of my favorite Vacation Spots…

I’m a little late posting the DS106 Assignment#1… But I really wanted to show you guys a few of my favorite spots I visited last year. I went to St.Thomas, Bahamas and my favorite Thailand. I recently fell in love with traveling because it is so relaxing for the mind, body and soul! Just being able to experience different cultures, is amazing. Tasting the various foods from all over was cool especially because I love cooking.
I have so many pictures, I had no idea which one to choose to do this assignment. I can’t wait to experience more. Coming soon Summer 2019, Germany!