Challenge Accepted

So I decided to create a flickr account and upload a photo a day according to a challenge that I found on google. I liked what was on the list so I just decided on this one.


Also, here is my site I am still working on it but was too impatient on sharing it when it was complete.

Once you go there you could also see my post about my flickr account.

Tata for now

“Honey, I Shrunk My Sister”

It took me a quite a long time to actually choose a project to do. When I did find one that I thought would be easy to create I realized that it was actually quite difficult especially since I did not have the right software. In this class, I am starting to realize that Photoshop is veryyyyyyyy useful when it comes to certain assignments. Even if you are just trying to edit a picture seems like the best photo editing software and probably the only one that should be used is Photoshop. Unfortunately I do not have Photoshop and it still confuses me so I had to find something that I could use that could give me the results I want.

With the tool I had I decided to do a visual assignment called, “A Whole New World”. The goal of the project is “Take a picture of your subject (grandparents, pet, yourself) and put it into a totally different background in which they appear abnormally too small or too large. Think of Honey, we shrunk the kids.”  I decided to use my sister as my subject and use this free online photo editor called LunaPic. LunaPic is a great photo editor and in my opinion got the job done even though its a little blurry but was having difficulties fixing that.

“Honey, I Think I Shrunk My Sister”

ct 101



What goes around, comes back around

I never thought that I would be able to make GIFs. I knew if I was taught how to I would be capable of making one but never was presented the opportunity to bother making one. Plus I thought that in order to make one you needed some type of expensive software. So, to know that there is a website called IMGUR that helps you make gifs for free is really beneficial too many people.

I am really proud of the GIF that I made because it is pretty unique and really makes you wonder what the heck is going on which is a good aspect to have in a digital storytelling piece. Curiosity will draw the reader in and question what is happening in the piece. Lastly, with this one GIFs there are many crazy stories a person could come up with.

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I really enjoyed the film and what I found meaningful or very important was how much information the internet was holding back from people. I wasn’t even aware that JSTOR was withholding valuable information from certain people and that if you are not a college student then you do not have access. That is unfair and I see why Aaron downloaded those articles even though people were unsure of why he did in fact downloaded those articles I believe that to be the reason. I felt that he downloaded them in order to post them up somewhere for people all around the world to be able to access them. If that was why he committed that crime then I give him props for being brave for doing something many people wouldn’t be able to do.


Digital Storytelling in Use

I really enjoy watching movies.  So when I saw this creation I immediately was drawn to it. It is possibly something that I would even want to create once I become more comfortable with making gifs. I think you need to learn Photoshop really well. I think this creation really embodies digital storytelling because with the creation you are pretty much telling the story of the movie through the poster. If you are a film maker or some sort of designer then knowing how to use Photoshop would definitely be a beneficial skill to have.

I also liked this post because I like to see how things have changed over the years. I think the skill you need to have is basic photo editing skills. It seems like a simple picture so this class wouldn’t need many projects teaching this. This project is also good for digital storytelling because it tells the story of how things were in the past and how things are now in the present. Photo editing is a basic skill that everybody should know because you never know when you might need it.