This is goodbye

As we graduate from, we must reflect on our memes and progress. Even though we’re all going our separate ways, we will always remember as the safe haven, the easy-going class that other professors need to take note on.

Coming into this class every Thursday brought me joy and lowered my blood pressure. I was always excited to see what new projects we would be doing that day. When I first signed up for this class and saw “digital storytelling,” I was under the impression that we would be telling stories through the internet; and that’s exactly what we did. Each of our projects had a different meaning and that’s what made them unique to us. I hope to take a class like CT again one semester. My new website is which is still under construction. Thats all folks!

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Are Memes Art?

Memes are art! Everyone has a different way of expressing themselves and memes should be including because of all the variety you see on the internet. Memes will be around forever, so it’s about time people start recognizing them as art. They have evolved so much over the years.

Art is all about imagination, creativity and being happy. So are memes, this is not a coincidence. Here are a collection of viral memes throughout the decade. When I first created my Instagram around the age of thirteen, “Bad luck Brian” and Willy Wonka were very popular. As time went by, Spongebob and The Simpsons became increasingly popular because of how relatable they are.

These are CT reactions

CT 101 allows me to express my creativity using gifs and memes. This is a dream for me because my phone is full of this kind of content.

Me walking into CT after going up all those stairs. The escalators have been down for like 3 years now which is very upsetting. Every other day they are renovating the elevators and it’s taking forever. I wish this was taken more seriously. I created this gif using the scene from “The Office,” where Stanley has a heart attack after Dwight started a fake fire.

When Ryan said we had to introduce ourselves. I have always been a shy, reserved person. When a professor says “state your name, major, etc,” my natural reaction is to go hide somewhere. I found this gif perfect because I love dogs and I find everything they do is adorable.

When I realized that this class is all about making gifs and memes. I have never taken a stress-free class like this before.

Me coming in Thursday mornings exhausted but excited