My first photoshop animation

I used this image of Eartha Kitt because I loved how bold the costume design was for her role as catwoman. I edited the original with a gradient overlayed over a looping black and white inverted image. I think the color contrast as well as the inversion of the color draws your eyes to the image causing it to stand out from the text. I am really enjoying this look and I probably will try to employ it somehow in my personal work and blog.

Reaction GIF post

When I first got in the class I loved it. I like creating digital images and telling stories through them.

but then I tried to connect to the site and it crashed.

So as I’m frantically refreshing the page I get a text from my mom, asking me how’s school going

but then the site started working and I realized as usual I was just being an over dramatic mess.

  • Adisa Sobers