Goodbye CT 101

So it’s finally the end of the semester. I swear the longer I’m in college the faster it goes by. I swear it was just yesterday I walked in for the first time for the Spring semester.

This is how I fast it felt going through the semester.

But I shouldn’t drag this on for too much, here’s my site I made independently of CT 101, there isn’t much to see there but I did post some blog posts there! Thankfully I did have stuff to blog about in the first place!

But now it’s time for the Final Class Assessment. So, what did I learn in CT 101? Basically, every time I posted something I learned something new.  I learned how to make gifs, how to add layers to a picture on Photoshop, how to use Photoshop, (or use a free alternative),  how to take panoramic pictures, how to make posters, and vapor wave aesthetic photos. Learning these new skills were fun and honestly did open my mind to just how much stuff I can do in Photoshop or even with just my phone.

I already knew how to install WordPress on a blog or create a domain and stuff like that, but anything more “artsy techy” I had no idea how to do.

But what grade do I feel like I earned? To be completely honest I do feel I deserved an A in this class. I did all the assignments, had my work up and published by the end of the class (barring one or two exceptions), and even did continue to blog on my blog outside of class when something noteworthy happened. I showed up regularly, and even helped class members when they needed help and even asked them for help when I needed (as I was not so arrogant as to believe I can just brute force everything and make it so I can get it work, I’m not Thanos after all).

But hey… if it works…

Anyways, I’m probably not going to maintain this specific site but will open a blog site on my actual page and then move everything there so I don’t have to pay for two domains. I’m a college student after all, not some rich millionaire.

And at the end of the day, that’s all he wrote, and it looks like this is going to be the end of adar’s adventures in CT 101. It was a blast having this class and anyone reading this post in the future, I hope you agree or come to agree.

Vaporwave? More Like Neverwave

Just for full transparency’s sake, I am absolute trash at being artsy and stuff. I can recognize good art and I can even critique it, but I cannot make anything resemble anything that should be looked upon by sane people.

And today we did vapor wave in class. Yay. It honestly doesn’t help that I’m colorblind (yes a doctor diagnosed me), so I have trouble differentiating between certain shades. For example, I was trying to do a blue/purple gradient but I couldn’t tell where blue ended and purple started. They just look like the same color, maybe purple is a bit darker but that’s about it. Using obnoxiously loud colors to help me out just gives me (and anyone else) a headache, and as I have no creative talent in the arts I didn’t exactly make a Picasso either.

But I have spent 20 years preparing for this. If I cannot make anything that won’t make your eyeballs bleed, I can just take someone else’s and use that! So I took a background from the web and use that instead of home brewing some gradient. This was already done so I didn’t need to do anything myself besides adding some icons!

Looking at other people’s works they did put in more effort than me for sure, and it came out really nice but you know what? I finished the assignment and I managed to put it behind me. I already knew about vapor wave from surfing the web, and Professor Smith has exposed me to the concept before.

Anyways, here’s what I came up with.

The only part I really like about this is Hank’s face cuz that’s exactly how I feel. Threw in a little homestuck reference too because why not, and a groovy skeleton to uplift the mood. So all in all, it didn’t come out as a complete train wreck but it’s also not going up on the fridge anytime soon.

My New Domain

I have a new domain for CT 101 now! I already have a domain but it acts as an online portfolio (and I was messing around with it so now it might be.. slightly… broken, I’ll fix it eventually though), for my code so I’d rather not use WordPress on it and just use some designing skills and display my code on that.

So the new domain I have for Digital Storytelling is worldofafi. I chose this domain name because its basically my world. Afi is just a nickname for me, something that’s a bit easier for people to say than my actual name so I have a little personal touch in this, because you know, this is a blog and not something professional like my other domain is meant to be.

I already messed around with plug ins and themes and everything in between and I’m honestly surprised how easy it is do stuff like this with plug ins. It tempts me to install WordPress on the professional domain but I also know that would lead to me being lazy and skimping out on designing and more development work. Gotta make sure you can do stuff the hard way before you can take the easier way later on you know?

For worldofafi I think I’m just gonna be messing around and blogging rarely (this month at least since I’m going to be incredibly busy), but later I’m prolly gonna blog about some cool tech thing I might’ve found or something along those lines. I’m a nerd so nerdy things will be blogged, what can I say?


I have two posters that I was messing around with:

I chose this one because I knew I could have fun with these the moment I saw it. The potential it had spoke to me. So yes, I chose it cuz I thought it was pretty funny and wanted to mess around with it. It’s CT101 I’m allowed to have fun okay?!

So after taking the photo for my own personal use, I took out all the text and the artist watermark (as per the instruction Professor Seslow gave us, I decided to make this poster my own and I came up with this:

I feel like everyone can have a chuckle and relate to this. There’s always been one point where you just find something and go “I want it, that’s mine now”. And you just take it home with you no matter what. It’s incredibly childlike (or at least the way I act about it) but hey, it’s mine. I have another one that I made but it’s for more personal use to use with friends, but I’ll share it on my site.

I knew about fill already as I’ve seen people use Photoshop before but actually using it is different as I didn’t know what it was called or how to do it as they were hot-keying everything but, it was still fun to learn something new and I made something I’m still chuckling about so it’s a win win

My New Customized Spanking Domain

I have a new domain for this class! I have another domain that’s acting more as a portfolio of my work. This was actually pretty fun of messing around trying to figure stuff out on this site. I actually did find the plugin that secures my server with SSL and makes it a https website.

I installed the plug in and was having some trouble trying to figure out why my website was still unsecure but it turns out if you’re having issues you need to go into settings (for the plug in) and enable SSL.

I’m having fun with the theme and layout as well as it’s absolutely horrendous to look at but that makes me laugh as I know web designers will cry out in horror if they saw it.