This is Leora. Leora loves applying make up and wants to be a make-up artist. Only problem is, she cant get any clients? She has no idea why. She doesn’t leave her tree without a full face of makeup. From her long lashes to her favorite red lipstick, her face is always beat.

Leora wants to be a famous makeup artist but needs to build a make-up portfolio. She would love to one day do Kylie Jenner‘s makeup. Until she can find clients, she practices are her self and her prey.

Would you let Leora do your make-up?

My animated photo !

Today, in Ct101, we learned how to create an animated image in photoshop. I was so excited whenI realized how simple it was.

First I chose a portrait image fro google. I chose Tupac because i love him so much! I made sure to chose the image size as large to not distort such a beautiful face. Next i opened up the image to photoshop. After adjusting the size to 8×10, I made several copies of the image.

Next I edited each image slightly different from each other. for one of the images, i created a slight distortion. i believe the distorted version of the image is what gives the effect that the image is moving. next we created a (i forgot, but i think its called…) frame timeline. this puts all the images in a timeline and plays each image for about half a second. created a short, looped video playing all the images.

Eye Wowing

Im interested in playing more in photoshop to create unique images like this image of toast, i think it would be very cool to learn how to do something like this.

It would take learning more about PhotoShop tools to understand how to create something like this. this gives me an idea to create some nice things with photography and fashion.

Learning how to create images like this can come in handy in our everyday lives. you can create your own invitations, edit your own website and just play around and discover cool things you can create.