Can memes be art? I believe the answer to this question is subjective just as art is subjective. Art causes the individual to feel something that may be different from the next person. When you see a meme it is easy to understand what the message is because of familiarity. In this sense I think that memes are Art.

Can memes be a good form of communication? Memes use images that are popular and pleasing to the eye. They are recognizable on a wide spectrum and easily noticeable. As long as memes are accepted, I do believe that memes can be a good form of communication.

Can memes be a form of self-expression? If memes are like art and that means their subjective, then yes they can be a form of self-expression. When you see a meme you are able to relate to it because of its familiarity or popularity. With the wide scope of the Internet today memes are accepted everywhere and add a certain something to anyone who uses them.

What I Think about Class So Far…

I am currently a senior at York College and I have to say that I never had an introduction like CT101 ever. You would think that it would be the same as every other class you had, but it was a complete culture shock!

Ryan made everyone feel comfortable and let us introduce ourselves to the whole class. I never had the opportunity of knowing everyone’s favorite ice cream flavor in a class before.  I have to say I am very excited to see what we will learn in this class. I never had a first day like that before and I already learned so much! Giphy is my new favorite site and I been addicted to it since I found out about it. I’m ready to learn lots more and do the things I didn’t know how to do. I feel like I can learn a lot from Ct101 and I’m excited about that.

Living the Dream through Anime

Hi everyone my favorite thing on the internet is reading manga, which is basically Japanese comic books. My favorite one to read is called One Piece.

I love reading this manga especially because I kinda wanted to be a pirate in a fun animated adventurous way. Some of the things that are really cool about this to me is all the illustrations and the story line. The manga is almost always in black and white. I started reading One Piece when I was in high school and I’m still reading it today. A new chapter is released every week and you can view it online and read it or watch a video.

There are currently 931 chapters of One Piece, which is awesome! There will be more to come until the story ends. I love One Piece and I know if you gave it a try you will to.