I Upgraded!

When making my new website, I had no idea how hard it would be maintaining it. Upgrading WordPress, picking themes and widgets were on my list of priorities. My challenge was to make my domain a reflection of me. When I was designing my website I didn’t know how to capture a screenshot of my old… Continue reading I Upgraded!


I finally created my website. I am so excited to actually do stuff on it! My new website is www.3coolinrockaway.com I chose my “The Weirdo With The Glasses” because I wanted something to remember the next time I log in. Plus, it kind of fits my personality.

Old School

My childhood was filled with weird and awesome things. TV, video games. toys: the kinds of things that made being a kid more memorable. We all have that one thing that made our childhood awesome. But when those things are replaced, a little heart shaped hole is left behind, longing to be filled…sometimes memories aren’t… Continue reading Old School

CT101 Digital Storytelling