Portrait Giphy Project

For this photo shop project I decided to use this photo from a picture place I went to called wonderland.I chose this picture because I loved the color contrast and the fact that it looked like I was in a colorful phone booth in the city.

I used three different filters on the same image to get the blinking effect for the first image I just changed the filter to a sort of cartoon look. I then made it faint from the vibrant pink and purple color to a more green color after changing those two images I decided that for the last frame I wanted it to look completely different from the other two images which is why I decided to make this filter black with a glowing outline.

Animated GIF

[WEEK #12] Zine Project Attempt

Hey guys, you can check out the more in-depth version of this blog post on my website. Here is the specific link.


Hey guys for this week I gave my attempt at this project. I had fun creating something that relates to myself. There will be two images. These two images are my attempt at the project.


This is my first design

The image below is my second attempt.



These two are not my final attempts. I will be trying another project very soon!


Also make sure the check out my website for a more in-depth explanation of my post!

GIPHY Project.

Today I decided to use Muhamed Ali picture to make a giphy post. First I saved the image, then I went  to photoshop opened it there, then I played with it for a while, saved the new image with the colors I want from adjusting on hue/saturation. I put together then I went to giphy.com and saved the new image. On the giphy website I pressed create new, uploaded the picture then I clicked on filter to choose my filters. The first filter I chose is the Dreamy filter.

Then  I tried the Ripples GIF to see  how  it  will  look.

The Final outcome of my GIF  is  the  Glitch.

I was excited while doing this project because it was my first time learning how to create a GIF.

GIF Portrait Project

For CT 101, our class is participating in the GIF portrait project where we make our own gif’s using Adobe Photoshop and Giphy. After playing around with the different features on Photoshop I was able to export the 3 images I used to Giphy to bring the gif portrait together.

Animated GIFFor the first picture I played around with a few filters that Photoshop had to offer. I chose this one because of the grainy effect that it added to the picture. It was giving off a more vintage look which is what I was going for.  I also played around with the focus and blur of the background and some parts of my face.

With the second  picture I was aiming more to create an optical illusion. For this photo I created 3 layers and placed them on top of one another but making sure the eyes were a few inches apart. I was able to create my blurry “masterpiece” yet still maintaining the grainy look.

Lastly for the third image my best friend Kayla was the who picked this filter out for me.  I was having some trouble trying to determine what filter I wanted to use for the last image. After clicking on almost all filters offered by Photoshop, she stopped me and said this was the best one she had seen out of the bunch. It makes the image look more animated and the way the black and white contrast outlines by facial features.

Overall I enjoyed this project because it allowed me to tap into my creative side and see what I was capable of creating.

Step 1 in ZINE Project

This was my first try. It is not perfect, but now I have a better understanding on how to put together different layers of pictures in a single frame. I use Adobe Photoshop to do this. Before I open Adobe, I went on Pixabay.com to get my pictures. I open Adobe Photoshop and select the frame (8.5 * 11) that want to use. Next, I open the other pictures that I want to use in my project with Adobe Photoshop. Some of the pictures have no background which make them perfect to place on top of other pictures. After this, I copy the pictures and place them on the frame chosen at the beginning. I play around with the layers to know which one should be my background. At the end I get this beautiful output which composes of many layers place on top of each other.