time for VAPORWAVES!


slowly but surely i’m seriously having an obsession with creating vaporwaves! I already love neon colors to begin with, so being able to gather so many images makes it so much fun. For this vaporwave I decided to make it a purple/pink theme; I wanted all the images to have something in common.

Making a vaporwave allows you to be so creative because you seriously start from scratch. You choose your own images, to creating the theme background; I love projects where you have a complete blank canvas to work on. Won’t be surprised if I find myself posting more in the future!

Thanks professor Ryan for teaching us!

vapor wave 1

In today’s class, we created a vaporwave again and it was amazing but extremely frustrating that I keep forgetting the steps of how to do this stuff. Anyway here’s what you do, first,  we find an image that we want to incorporate into our vaporwave. Next, we open photoshop you hit the select all, followed by windows and select layers, from there we went on to layers and hit flatten the image. Everything was just a blur, and that’s because I wasn’t paying much attention or I keep forgetting the steps. No fear, ill eventually get it, I hope or else I won’t be able to appease my own sanity.



Hello Friends, i created..something

Hello peoples! I created something called a vapor wave. Basically transfused a bunch of transparent inmages onto one screen and rearranged them in a specific order to make them look funny or cool.

Due to my OCD I had to get them all lined up correctly in the right places or we would have been here editing and fixing them for who knows how long…take a look!     


Today I created my first vaporwave since last week I was creating content for my website that I’ll link down below! I found it super fun and easy since you can use many layers and just layer them how you’d like them.

Today I woke up super sleepy so I based my vaporwave on that, hope you guys like it! I was online looking for inspiration when I came across Vaporwave Photography a I really liked it and would want to have a photoshoot like that for my social media accounts. The link to check out vaporwave photography will be linked below! 

Website: http://mubyjess.com/ (Check out my latest post and leave a comment!)

Vaporwave Photography: Filipino Photographer Will Teach You How To Take Aesthetic AF Vaporwave Photos