Fall 2019-Final Presentation & Final Blog Post Info

*CT101 Final Presentations & Final Blog Post Information*

**Please read all of the information below carefully & mark your calendars**

E-mail me with any questions at – rseslow@york.cuny.edu

  1. *Final Website Presentations: Each student will be presenting their personal websites to the class on the date listed below. Students will give a short-guided tour of their website and share a few words on successes, frustrations and an over-all assessment of our course. Each student will have 4-5 minutes to do this. Your website presentation is Mandatory.

*The Tuesday section of CT101 will give their final website presentations on TUESDAY 12/17 – from 10AM-12PM

*The Thursday section of CT101 will give their final website presentations on THURSDAY 12/19 – from 10AM -12PM 

2.**Final Blog Post Submission – Each student will write and publish a Final course reflection blog post. (You can publish the post to your own website or to the CT101 website. You will E-Mail the link URL of this blog post to me – rseslow@york.cuny.edu  no later than Thursday 12/19 at Midnight. The e-mail subject should say: “Final Blog Post Submission” Your final blog post is Mandatory, and must include answering the questions below:

The final blog post will be a detailed re-cap of what you have learned in CT101, and what grade have earned in our class? (Yes, you must include this!) What did you enjoy about our class and how you will apply your new skills into the world. Will you maintain and keep up your website? If so, how? If not, Why not? Your final blog post should include a culmination of images, videos, GIFs, hyperlinks and writing. Please let this post display the best of your skills sets learned and applied! (Images, GIFs, Hyperlinks and supporting Verbiage!)


Please E-mail me with any questions at – rseslow@york.cuny.edu

Farewell Blog Post- Tysain Shand

From the first day of class, I was into everything this class was about.  I love memes, to a ridiculous degree.    My phone is filled with them, my computer is filled with them and I fill my time with them.  One thing that I found a little strange is that I had never made a meme before this class.  Usually, if I’m into something as much as this I inspire me to do something creative with it.   Usually, I try to make it my own, but my out spin on it so that  I can say that I gave back something to that thing or community.

Above is the first meme I made, I think that it actually really good.  Impactful and there is a relation between the message and the picture.  It’s based on one of my favorite moments of my all-time favorite series Dragonball.  For the project of the first day, I challenged myself to only use sense from this series to convey what I was feeling.  This was something that I really appreciated about this class.  We had many projects tailored to help us learn a bunch of new skills but we were always encouraged to interpret it in our own way and us our creativity.


The proposition of building a website was a little bit scary for me, but looking at it 2 months later there was really nothing to worry about.  It was a very simple and easy process for me.  Once I had removed everything from the default site it was like the world was at my feet and I could do anything I wanted.  I actually really enjoyed this,  and I do plan to keep using the site and updating it because I feel like I found what I really want to do with it and I have a ton of ideas for content.  This was so fun I plan on making a website for my sister to help her with her business.

Overall this was a fun at rewarding experience. This was my first semester as a CT student so I wasn’t sure what to expect.  Thankfully my first two classes in the study were great and very engaging.  I enjoyed bringing thinks I genuinely like into my school work and really exploring those things.

Below are some of my favorite things i worked on in the past few weeks.

Last Class Of the DECADE… Goodbye CT101!

To all my fellow classmates and Professor Ryan,
Here we are the final day of CT101 and for some of us our final class of the decade. I would like to say that I have learned a lot about digital media and how to be proactive on my own to create things online. I am extremely grateful that I had the opportunity to take this class. I  learned some basic tips on how to use photo shops, how to create memes, gifs and cut clips of videos for the use of entertainment. All in all this class has pushed me to get out of my boundaries of what I originally thought I was capable of creating online.


We made it everyone and all you guys are super talented. It was a please hearing everything about your websites, there was so much creativity in that room. But we definitely made it!

I feel as though I should get an A- in the class because even though my assignments were a bit late. I tried my absolute best to make each post worth it and the content entertaining and easily readable to display the tasks I had to accomplish.  I had many struggles at home as my mom had  some pretty serious medical issues and I was taking 8 classes and working two jobs. Those are descriptions not excuses but I did my best to prevail on and make the most with what I had. Out of all my classes this semester this one pushed me the most to change my view and learn skills I would use for the rest of my life. As I said previously I was not at all tech savvy and was not too ready to jump into social media platforms. Put me infront of a crowd playing and I would feel comfortable rather than putting up content for all to see and judge . I will be keeping my website and periodically will keep updating about my musical journey and the music I make. I will try to keep learning more about Photoshop as I really did enjoy the Zine Project and for future art work of mine. All in all this was a great class that I am so thankful to have had experienced and farewell to all my classmates and I hope to share my work and yours as well in the future.
I always thought I couldn’t make a website I could be proud of on my own. CT101 changed my mind forever on what I thought I was capable of.


Ryan It was an absolute pleasure taking your class. Would love if you were teaching upper level courses, but alas we can’t always get what we want. You have given me and the other students in this class enough and I thank you for that from the bottom of my heart.

Final Post

Looks like this the end. When I was recommended CT101 by my adviser, I honestly expected this class to be either a writing intensive class about communication technology (phones, morse code, etc) or giving presentations on the work we did (which was about a quarter right) but I didn’t expect it to be this enjoyable and easygoing with an awesome professor to boot. One of the first assignments, “Can memes be art?”, was a good appetizer for what the course was going to be like since it allowed me to share some of my favorite memes with others as well as make some memes of my own for the class

Up next was the GIF project which let me create gifs for the very first time, which I thought was the hardest thing to do other than video editing but it took some minimal Photoshop editing, a few words in the search bar and some dragging and dropping some pics into the website to find out how easy it was to create a GIF.

Then came the Chimetric Composition challenge and the Zine project, both of which were the most challenging part of this course was mostly due to finding the perfect photos. For the Chimetric composition, I had a hard time finding the perfect picture of clouds with the right lighting and had trouble adjusting the clouds in order to make it look like it fits in front of the castle as well was making it look like the whole bottom part of the screen. For the Zine project, it wasn’t as frustrating as the Chimteric project but it shared the same frustrating feature of finding the most fitting pictures.

The unexpected turn here was making a website of our own, which was a completely alien thing to me and was somewhat daunting at the start since we had to manage on our own but it didn’t turn out that way. Sure, it was weird operating my own website on my own terms and uploading our work to it but I slowly got used to it. Here is my website btw nayrnguyen.com

Being able to create these, pushed me to practice Photoshop even more by photoshopping  pics of my friends or creating some vaporwave of my own, which I thought I could ever do since all the art I’ve seen of it look so complicated with the different images overlapping as well as the color scheme

In the end, I really enjoyed this class and I learned a lot while doing it. With this newfound knowledge on Photoshop, I plan on practicing my skills to create more memes and maybe due as a hobby for professional purposes. As for the future of my website, I don’t believe I’ll be keeping it up since, in my opinion, I don’t have much to share and I don’t quite have the motivation to do so. Overall, I believe I deserve at most an A- due to the amount of procrastinating I did and having only 14 posts but the amount of effort I put into the art I did sort of makes up for it


The End of CT101

I can’t believe that this class is already over in a span of around 4 months. It felt like the class only took 5 weeks, and that there’s so much more stuff to do during the class. But during this semester, I had a fun time taking this class since it gives me the opportunity to create a new from of art; And that is making memes.

Before taking CT101, I was really nervous that it would be similar to taking an English class; But instead of reading poems or short stories, it would be about responding to blogs. Good thing I was wrong, because CT101 surprised me with what it had to offer. When Professor Seslow told us that we could create memes and make our very own website, I just froze to make sure that I was dreaming and it was all in my head. I enjoyed creating gifs and memes that would either fit with a blog that I would type about, or just for fun.

When my class had to do the ZINE project, I knew I had to use all of my creative skills to imagine an idea to be put on a computer screen. And since we learned how Adobe Photoshop works, it gave me more visionary ideas to have. However, I had trouble trying to figure out what I should talk about in my very own website. Not only that, but I was thinking to myself if I wrote to little in my blogs and that it needed to be stretched out to make it a good blog post.

But after through what it felt like a short class, I could say with 100% honestly, that I loved taking CT101. In fact, this might be the only class that I want to retake; Because of a professor that helped me and my classmates to be successful with the work, as well as having a class that is simple and didn’t need too much work to pass. It wasn’t stressful, nor it didn’t gave me too many negative thoughts unlike my other classes that I was taking this semester. If I would decide a grade that I should get, it would be getting an A-. I believe that I did all of the work that was given to me, I go to almost every class (missing 1); But I usually arrive late to class, and have created a few blogs for CT101’s website. I gave effort to my blogs, as well as giving time to create a good design/gif/meme/blog post that would be considered good to the professor.

With this class, I hope to keep the website that I built stay  active until the day it expires; Because I’m not sure if I have to pay hundreds of dollars to keep my website afloat. But I’ll make sure that I’ll use it as much as I can before that happens. And as I finish my final blog of CT101, allow me to show you some of the many creations that were being born by my own “hands.” Thank you Professor Seslow! Hope to see you in campus in the inevitable future!

Your student,

Carlos G.

TierraJai’s Final CT Blog Post

Hello CT Classmates and Prof.Ryan!

The semester sped by and just like that ‘a new beginning’ has come to an end of a chapter.

I know I will miss CT 101 and Professor Ryan’s inspirational quotes. Part of me thinks about CT becoming my minor because I feel it is one of the best ways I can receive help towards my entrepreneurial dreams while earning my degree. However, I’m still considering it honestly because I’ve taken about 2 (soon 3) courses in theatre and am still interested in other art classes. Plus, Prof.Ryan set the CT Professor bar pretty high. It took me a while to finally declare Psychology as a major so I would appreciate anyone willing to inform me of their experience thus far as CT Majors and Minors to help me sort through the decision.

At the start, I was extremely optimistic about my abilities and what I would accomplish. The biggest accomplishment for me was creating my website and my first official photoshop project (ZINE). While posting to my blog and in the mix of taking 4 other classes I experienced highs and lows of inspiration. But each time I reached class, I felt renewed and welcomed so I was always able to have a clear mind for creating. I feel I deserve an A in the class because, throughout the semester, I always found time to attend classes and stay after hours for help. In addition, I supported classmates in learning WordPress and stayed active in appreciating the creations of other posts and blogs. Writing posts displaying the various aspects of your self so that it can be a place for all people is not easy, but I am proud that I have begun doing so. Due to that, I was able to find my writing style as a blogger. My paintings, drawings, and handwritten work can now be shared with many. I have created a place where I can exercise my knowledge of Psychology and allow it to support others for FREE!

*I didn’t give myself an A+ because I did not complete check-ins, but I would have if I knew it was okay to mark time spent creating and not just check-ins for final created post. However, I remained active with creating by writing, journaling, photo editing, learning through photoshop tutorials displayed on my site*

Feat. My Photoshop Self Portrait! Tinkerbell looks good in orange. I said it first

I still learned the most valuable lessons of the class. I learned how to practice combining my skills with the teachings of others so that I could learn on my own. I was able to experience school in a positive and untraditional setting which supported my creativity and my overall experience at York. In the last few years, my greatest passion has been writing and exploring many art languages. CT101 gave me the outlet to express this and I consider the class the first official support I’ve ever had towards my future career and this is exactly what I intended to experience. I say the experience was a success!

I will continue to post on my site (after all, I CANNOT give up my URL name for many future business reasons). After the winter break, my goal is to have about 5 new “passionately written share-worthy” post. I already have many post in mind such as; “Affirmations for Everyday Peace”, “Beginning Meditation as YOUR practice”, “Heart to Heart conversations with friends and families”, “Embracing creativity regardless of pressures to define it”, “Using Music to Heal through trauma”, “How can we avoid feelings of sinking after College Graduation”…and many more… soooo..stay tuned and comment to subscribe to the blog if interested at tierrajai.com and please share with friends!

I’m grateful for the interactions I’ve had with classmates and that I was able to learn more about my colleagues. Cheers to accomplishing our dreams and never forgetting the influence of our abilities! I wish you all the best.

“Your Potential Self is Infinite” 

With Peace and Love, Tierra Jai