potrait Gif

For this weeks assignment I was able to use Photoshop to make a Gif Portrait. It was quick difficult using Photoshop but its a very good tool when to further personalize stories. For my portrait I used the one the only Robin Rihanna Fenty. Rihanna is my inspiration because she is a multifaceted women. Her music bumps, she’s business savy, and she set the bar for women of color. She inspires me to DO IT ALL. Now here is a gallery decicated to the one the only RIHANNA!


Panoramic Storytelling with Multiplicity

Strangers vs Friends

For this weeks assignment I learned about a panoramic feature that is actually on ALL PHONES. Using the parnoramic feature my group was able to tell a story about five strangers who waiting for the bus. But it being the MTA WHO ALWAYS DELAYS BUSES AND TRAINS.

The grouping knowing what the MTA is like they’ve decide that if they’re going waiting for the bus they might as well make it worth while. So the decided to talk to one another and realized that they have have a lot of in common like going to the same college today.

The bus finally came and they  lived HAPPILY EVER AFTER!


DS106 is Type Hard

This assignment was quite difficult to navigate. I had to have my  friend Vivian help me use Photoshop. I love Rihanna so I HAD TO USE HER AS MY MUSE.  When using Photoshop you need a little of practice to know what each tool is used for. In order to become better at using Photoshop  I would have to have more assignments to practice with. Photoshop is important to use because it can help  build  both an emergent storytelling skills an new tools to create them.

For the other assignment I enjoyed creating it because it was so easy to do. I was inspired by this photo to create a 3D image.

What makes me happy?

What makes me happy ? Easy question right. WRONG! I’m an over thinker so that means that I’ll probably spent too much time thinking and second guessing my self so here are few things that make me happy. Its rhymes with DUDE.

FOOD!!!!!!! Food Food!

Image result for soul foodRelated image

Image result for chinese food
Food takes the number spot on things that make happy but RIHANNA is a close second. Everything Rihanna does is monumental. Her albums, collaboration with PUMA, and *drum roll* please. HER beauty line FENTY BEAUTY!!!!!!!! Rihanna set the standard for all makeup companies that inclusiveness is important.  Rihanna is a multi-faceted woman.Everything she touches turns to gold.


Are memes art?

Memes are  like the Mona Lisas of the internet. Of course memes  are art each meme is unique. No meme is like another meme. One can take a meme and become viral. Art is memes. Memes are Art. They go handed.

People don’t even have to use words to communicate. They can easily send a meme or gif and can have convosation without usuing words. Memes are revolutuionary. Memes are able to connect people, and move people they way art has.  Memes can vary from being harilous or even poltical SO YES MEMES ARE DEFINITELY ART.

In the honor of art . Here are a few art pieces I love.