Tuesday 3/20 & Thursday 3/22 will not meet this week.

Week #8 Calendar – Tues – 3/20 & Thurs – 3/22

***The Tuesday 3/20 and Thursday 3/22 sections of CT101  will not meet this week in our lab session as I am ill.

Please follow the assignment below.

 Basic Operations of your Site <– Explore this link. Each student will write a new blog post where they discover and share (hyperlinks) of a series of “newbie” wordpress tutorials on customizing a new WordPress website. (lots of content out there) What questions do you have about your new website? How will you go about resolving them and finding resources? Put it all in a new blog on YOUR website.

Throwback TV Shows GIF (Ds106Assignment)

From ds106Assignments I decided to choose from the GIF menu. The          assignment was to make a GIF of your favorite TV shows. I chose my favorite TV shows from my childhood. Each show has a meaning to me. Growing up I was a very huge fan of Disney. I made a youtube channel with the name disney in it too

That’s so Raven is a childhood favorite of mine. I remember singing along to the theme every time it came on. I was having karaoke parties by myself. I just connected with the character Raven. She was clumsy and always in a mess just like me.

I would watch reruns of Sister Sister it’s my favorite 90’s show. I still watch reruns of this show today. Tia and Tamara made me laugh every time. They would always say, “Go Home Rodger”( a classic). I love their style, today my style is very much like theirs. They were funny and I learned a lot from this show.



Then comes Hannah Montana when this show first came out believe it or not I did not think I would like it. I don’t know why I thought this. A teenage girl living a double life of being a superstar it’s funny how nobody really figure out she was a superstar into she reveal it to the world. I felt so connected to this show Hannah was on this quest to find herself and all my life I felt as if I was on the same journey .





Lastly, the best cartoon show of all time is Proud Family. This was my show. The Proud family reminds of my family. I had a sugar mama and a crazy over protected dad.   I love this show because there was a character that look like me that I could relate to. This show was laugh out loud funny. I wish that it was still on.

So many great shows are no longer on and it’s so sad because kids today won’t really know the incredible  shows I got to grow up with. I guess it’s my job to tell them how great it was back then.





Beauty Will Surround You

I chose to do a writing assignment from DS106. Who would have known that a fortune cookie could give you that creative burst you need to come up with a short story.

My fortune cookie said: “Beauty will surround you”. At first it took me a while to come up with a short story that would match that fortune, so I continued to click through and see what other fortunes were available, but none of them stuck to me like the first fortune. I went back to my first fortune, and before I knew it I started to type nonstop. Sooooo Here’s my story and I hope you guys like it! Please give me and insight on what you guys think of it. 🙂


                 Beauty will surround you- open your eyes to see it

 I lost my sight at a very young age. Darkness is actually all I can ever remember when I try to think of seeing things. Though through the help of therapy, my will and my imagination, I have been able to, well, “see” my surroundings.

The feels, the smells! Everything is just so beautiful!!! I shout to my best friend Maggie as we walk through the park.

They’re just flowers Sarah. It’s really nothing special.

Maggie always tried to make me see that not everything was so special and beautiful in the world. But people with sight take advantage of everything that they see. They don’t understand. They never will. To see how everything really looks after touching or smelling them! It’s a gift from God!

Maggie you’ll see that after the today I will still see this world as beautiful as I imagined it.

Listen, I just don’t want you to get your hopes up. There are beautiful things in the world, but sometimes there are things that you just wish you wouldn’t see.

That was dark… Even for Maggie. But once I get my sight I’m sure everything will still be beautiful to me. Just a couple more hours and I’ll get to see it all.


***The Next Day***

            OOOHHH I CAN’T WAIT!!!! Maggie take these damn bandages off my eyes!

            Okay, okay, calm down. Stop bouncing before I cut you with these scissors. On     the count of three open your eyes okay? One… Two… THREE!

Immediately, I opened my eyes, but to the horror of it all, the place that I once knew as a beautiful scene was no longer beautiful. The smell of the flowers was still sweet, but the appearance of the park was horrible. Garbage cans being filled to the stop and drug dealers at every corner.

Maggie..what…where are we?! Is this a joke?! We don’t live here! We can’t… this isn’t the park! And all these rundown buildings?!

I’m sorry Sarah, but yes, this is where we live. Compared to the rundown buildings our place is relatively nice. This is the park we always walk through. The smell of the flowers would overpower your ability to smell anything else and the drug dealers.. well, they have to be silent or they can get caught. I’m sorry Sarah, I really am, but I did warn you that not everything was going to be as beautiful as you sought it to be.

I tried to keep my composure, but I couldn’t and I fell to the floor crying. What I’ve known my whole life was just a lie. I’m sure that there are beautiful spots in the world, but my world was more beautiful and more perfect than this place will ever be.




The struggles of having to catch up

Due to not being able to do anything on time, I now have to catch up on all the work that I’ve missed. Although this class is fun and interesting, my mind is currently frying.

But once I’m all caught up with everything, I’ll go back to having a clear mind and have a dance party by myself!

And maybe I’ll just ask Carlton to show me some of his moves. 🙂