GIF Portrait of Steve Carell

In today’s assignment, we covered the “Gif the Portrait Project,” which was extremely fun to work with. Though, the process of making a gif was highly time consuming and complex, I, 100%, really enjoyed the process in making my project. I was actually surprised the fact that we are able to make a gif using the Photoshop App, but I absolutely loved it. If I work on this again on my own, I hope I remember all the steps.

During the assignment, I decided to work on a portrait of one of my favorite actor, Steve Carell.

GIF The Portrait Project

My experience with creating a GIF through photoshop was hard but exciting. I chose the image of Priyanka Chopra because I admire how diverse Priyanka is with the Bollywood and Hollywood film industry. I’ve watched all of Pryianka’s movies that she’s stared in Bollywood, and I used to watch Quantico.

In order to complete this project, I definitely had to be patient, but I really like the way this came out because I’ve never used this before. I’m still trying my best with  this project, because there are a lot of steps.

After class I tried to make a gif of Homer Simpson because I love watching The Simpsons and Homer sometimes can be relatable through memes. However I wasn’t so successful with making the animation. If anyone know how to create the animation,

I would love the feedback or suggestions in the comments!



Today’s class was a real whirlwind! We actually went ahead and created our own websites!

Here is a link to MY website.

We went through a website called “Reclaim Hosting” and went through the process of creating our own Domain names, installing WordPress, and customizing the website.

It’s actually a blog that I can post anything on. I could even post pictures on the process of growing a plant and no one can say a thing!

So, make sure you check it out!