Final blog post

And it all comes to an end… It was one heck of a semester I tell ya, not only was the most fun class of the semester but was probably the most interesting class i have taken as an elective throughout my college life. From the first assignment introduction till this last assignment the final… Continue reading Final blog post

Corona Virus Ruins 2020

The Corona Virus, a virus that has taken so many lives by now and so many are holding on straws to live another day. It seriously changed everyone’s life. I mean I didn’t have a clue how dangerous this virus got until I heard about the first case in New York.  TBH I was taking… Continue reading Corona Virus Ruins 2020

Panoramic Storytelling

This feature has been available since the iPhone 5 yet so very little amount of people knows about it. The Panorama option, that lets you take horizontally or vertically elongated field of view photos, basically wide-view photos. the first time I remember taking a panoramic photo, it was at my sister’s birthday and we were… Continue reading Panoramic Storytelling

CT101 Digital Storytelling