Are Memes Art? UMMMM….Definitely!

We all know that art can’t be any and everything. What we all can agree upon is that are is expressive and most definitely not destructive while there is a thin line between what we value and consider as art and what is art. Memes are most definitely a type of art form because it allows everyone a chance to let their creative juices flow.

Memes are created in several ways, as we learned in class, there are meme generators that spit out a meme in an input/output sort of way after we add the content we desire. There is also the photoshop method where we grab practically anything from the internet and insert words, phrases, sentences to our heart’s content.

There are many different ways to approach meme making, the best thing, in my opinion, is to find a topic, image, or person that you can relate to or find funny. Chances are if the piece you are working from entertains or evokes some reaction out of you then the same effect could happen with others. Most of the time when we search online, or when we are on social media such as Facebook, we scroll through and have a good time laughing at memes of all sort. Like a painting or song, we feel something we look at memes. What we feel towards them, how they’re made, and shared to all makes it an art form, one we can all enjoy.

Memes can be hilarious, or they can reflect serious, social, political, and relatable content.

Here is meme I can relate with so much lol

Memes can also be really deep but also stupid at the same time.

The point is memes can be created from anything. They usual become relevant the more people share and react to them. Even after the focus has passed from some of them, doesn’t mean they are any less entertaining, even after some time if funny enough, you’ll surely laugh. Next, I want to share with you the meme that is currently my favorite, and a variation of it that is more on the political side, a bit negative, but still relevant.  Both stemmed from a funny scene in a popular radio show on Youtube know as the breakfast club.

When we learned how to make Gifs, this incident was still fresh in mind so I even used the opportunity to make my gif out of it.

Memes = Art? Yup.

I think memes are art, it gives someone a voice to express themselves and while some will be jokes, art is essentially subjective to people.

Case in point, this meme I created using King of the Hill character – Hank Hill 

The premise of King of the Hill, is to subvert the expectations of what middle America is like. I think the show is extremely relevant more so today than it was back when it last aired. Mainly because of the political element that comes into play when it means to be a ‘true American’.

Image result for king of the hill gif

Now politics may scare my fellow millennials because we’re so apathetic to the whole political process because of who got elected but I think KoTH is something that we need back in the media more than ever because it shows what kind of disconnect we may have with our mid-western counterparts because we cannot and should not generalize people just because a vocal minority, especially because it may led to some unforeseen consequences:

Image result for donald trump offensive

Image result for king of the hill gif

Regardless, KoTH I believe was ahead of it’s time and should be brought back especially because the producers have still got that kind of talent cause of what they’ve made nowadays;

Related image

and because I think people tend to generalize what the far right and what the far left kind of people are that the majority of people are just left in the middle to block it all out because they don’t want to be seen as that kind of person and because they’ve become so apathetic to it all.

Hence why with my meme, (text could be bigger), it’s expressing my desire for KoTH to be brought back because of the influence it may have towards the real-world consequences that have occurred.

Can Memes Be Art?

I won’t deny, my first instinct was to say memes weren’t art. I’ve seen too many uninspired memes, whether it was just clips of screaming people, an overused dead meme, or just memes that flat out weren’t funny.

I was also a bit cautious about memes being the subject for today’s class as there’s a lot of times that its just out of touch and is cringey but this wasn’t that bad.

But as I did my internet research I did start remembering how creative memes can be. Sure it might just be some meta gif, but it also can be layers upon layers on a meme that requires knowledge of internet culture or something along those lines. Isn’t needing an education in a certain field to even just properly grasp the meaning of a visual medium basically art?

So I guess it’s a bit of a mixed bag, memes can be art, but not all memes are art.

They’re not easy to make I know, but a big issue people have is that they try too hard so I just sat down and filtered the worst ideas I had out, thought of what I could do to make something that I can fit CT101 in and made like two mediocre memes.

I don’t actually make memes, but I do spend a lot of time looking at them. I spend most of my time on the internet regardless, whether it be researching, homework, or just killing time so I figured I wouldn’t produce absolute garbage, and at least it isn’t that.

Are Memes Art? I Think So!

In my opinion, I think that memes are art. Art is a way to express yourself, your feelings or your experiences. Why can’t memes be considered art if they are a way for a person to express themselves?Art comes in many different forms such as drawing, painting, sculpture, photography, print-making, graffiti and these are just the traditional methods of art.  Art is always evolving and improving just like technology is.

Art shouldn’t be limited into just one form or method. Art can be your therapy or your outlet. I say the quote “Think Outside the Box” can be applied here.

Memes are also a way to tell someone how you’re feeling in pictures instead of having to write it out. The message can be translated by different techniques, which I think that’s where memes come in. I guess memes can be both good and bad for communication but I also think it depends on the type of meme and the message you want to convey. Some memes are hilariously funny while others can be very offensive.

Below are memes I created:



Memes are art. Let me explain

The debates about “are memes art,” will never end. Those who consider art sacred will see memes as a joke, considering most memes are just that, a joke. However if you go by the definition of “art” then memes fit the criteria.

Art= the expression or application of human creative skills and imagination.

Whether you accept it or not, memes are a form of expression. With the simple use of photoshop anyone can create a meme to express their feelings about literally any thought that pop into their heads. Just today I was on my way to York, knowing I had a long day ahead of me, looking forward to CT101, while dreading my late class, English270.

Here are some memes, or should I say works of art I created to express how I feel about my Tuesday schedule.