Flexibility in the kinds of Digital Storytelling projects you do.

I’ve looked at the daily create site and completely loved it! The way the jam is popping out at the computer screen totally caught my attention. That’s definitely one thing that I would have to learn how to do. I think our class should do at least two of these this semester. I believe the skill to learning how to do this is important because it would be amazing to put our own spin to it and be creative to making pictures literally come alive. I would also like to do one of the 3dPrinted Assignments. That assignment seems like it would be so much fun to make things 3D! I’ve always liked the way things looked in 3D so it would be great to learn how to actually do it.

Clones ?

Using the new panorama mode made things really fun. Even if we didn’t have much we just thought of scenarios that either be funny or just are normal to the day as it goes by.This was fun to play with.

Here I am just showing how I feel like soccer got popular after world the cup ended.

The way to use it is very easy:

Make sure you have an object or a person you want multiplied. Using your smartphone going to panorama mode. As you press the button to take the picture as you move . Stop at the middle to use your object or person to duplicate. Then you just keep taking the picture.

mars panorama GIF

My favorites are these because its so cool what can be captured:

Picture #1

Picture #2


What if I miss a CT101 class?

OK, You missed a CT101 class. You know it, I know it, we all know it, what now though?

OK, Keep Calm, there are resources to help keep you on track!

I know, your first impulse is to e-mail me, Ryan, aka professor Seslow and ask, “what did I miss?” – Before you do that, please read below.

All of the information that you need to keep up with CT101 is always posted to and updated  on our class calendar right here!

It is crucial that you visit the calendar page every week! You will need to do this while you are present in class, but you will also need to do this outside of class as well. Our class structure is set up as a hybrid course. 2 hours of lab time in person, and 2 hours of working time outside of the lab. So, in essence, if you miss the in-class lab time you need to pay even more attention to the class calendar. If you miss a class lab session you are still responsible for publishing 1-2 blog posts each week.

Please don’t default to e-mailing me before reviewing the calendar (which is full of information about each class and what we will cover that particular week) It is my intention to get you regularly referring to the calendar and following the instructions there. (This format is a big part of our learning experience) It is my intention to get you thinking and practicing the process of solving problems using the tools of the web and relaying them into narratives as blog posts! Trust me, you will see results.

Need examples? Simply visit the home page of the class blog to see what your fellow classmates are posting. There are always an abundance of examples!

Current posts from your classmates will help paint a really clear picture and series of examples for you for you to follow and draw inspiration from. BUT, but you will need to spend some time there.

PS – Again, it is my intention to get you into a trouble shooting mind set. To set you off clicking on links and discovering new things. If you have a question about an assignment’s technical or creative details, don’t dismiss asking Google! For example, last we worked on making MEMEs, and the Internet is full of tons of MeMe generators and tutorials on how to make them. The Internet is your co-pilot, ask questions and record your process.

Get Savvy, and share your process! Missing a class is actually great blog post content because you can write about how you resolved and figured out the current assignment you missed in class. Everyones unique contributions are important.

Of course you can always e-mail me for help and I am here, but lets compare where you are at rather than simply asking, “what did I  miss”?


Flexibility in the kinds of Digital Storytelling

I think I would like to do the Gif assignment because when creating my first gif was really cool. I didn’t realize it was that easy to make my own gif, so now I use it to make so many memes and to make a lot of my jokes funnier. I know the memes and gifs that are on twitter and instagram leaves me rolling in tears from laughing too hard, so with my humor hopefully I could make something trend.


For the second project, I think I would like to do the Audio assignment because I really enjoy the edits of new music with old movies/shows playing. I produce music so doing this would really be fun for me and I would get to experiment with new ways to tell stories through my beats.


*I would love to insert gifs in this post but it is not working. ):*