Fall 2019-CT101 Final Presentation & Final Blog Post Info

*CT101 Final Presentations & Final Blog Post Information*

**Please read all of the information below carefully & mark your calendars**

E-mail me with any questions at – rseslow@york.cuny.edu

  1. *Final Website Presentations: Each student will be presenting their personal websites to the class on the date listed below. Students will give a short-guided tour of their website and share a few words on successes, frustrations and an over-all assessment of our course. Each student will have 4-5 minutes to do this. Your website presentation is Mandatory.

*The Tuesday section of CT101 will give their final website presentations on TUESDAY 12/17 – from 10AM-12PM

*The Thursday section of CT101 will give their final website presentations on THURSDAY 12/19 – from 10AM -12PM 

2.**Final Blog Post Submission – Each student will write and publish a Final course reflection blog post. (You can publish the post to your own website or to the CT101 website. You will E-Mail the link URL of this blog post to me – rseslow@york.cuny.edu  no later than Thursday 12/19 at Midnight. The e-mail subject should say: “Final Blog Post Submission” Your final blog post is Mandatory, and must include answering the questions below:

The final blog post will be a detailed re-cap of what you have learned in CT101, and what grade have earned in our class? (Yes, you must include this!) What did you enjoy about our class and how you will apply your new skills into the world. Will you maintain and keep up your website? If so, how? If not, Why not? Your final blog post should include a culmination of images, videos, GIFs, hyperlinks and writing. Please let this post display the best of your skills sets learned and applied! (Images, GIFs, Hyperlinks and supporting Verbiage!)


Please E-mail me with any questions at – rseslow@york.cuny.edu

Im So Late I Know!!


I know what you all are going to say………. YOUR LATE!!! but that’s beside the point. I HOPE YOU ALL ENJOYED!!!! I know I sure did. The food was great!! I got to spend time with the people I love the most. It was beautiful really it was.

This is my favorite time of the year I swear it is….before you know it Christmas will be here and then New Years. It doesn’t get any better than this!!


Animated GIFrowan atkinson eating GIFspongebob squarepants eating GIFdinner GIF

Season 5 Turkey GIF by Friends

you name it shirley caesar GIF by Identity

First attempt for the Zine project

Hello everyone, I would definitely have to admit coming up with an idea for the creative collab project was not the easiest. When the teacher first explained that we will be doing a creative collab project that would be connected with other school projects I was definitely a bit scared because I knew everyone was going to bring their best to the table, but after realizing that I was literally the only person standing in my own way I decided to take on the task.

After scrolling past a bunch of images I came across two that I really liked and after realizing that the second image would go more with the idea I was trying to portray. I decided to go with this image because to me it spoke volume and you were able to tell from the looks of it there was some majestic meaning behind it.

One in which you will all find out in the next upcoming blog post stay tuned to see the final results of the image.

The Spoilers in Memes

Memes are one of the modern ways to express our emotions of something, or just make us laugh. But when it comes to creating memes from movies or video games, it’s a risky move to do. The reason for that memes can come from spoilers in entertainment that certain people have yet to watch or play. I won’t be spoiling anything, so don’t worry.


With movies, I believe it’s alright to create memes from any movie from 5 years and beyond since people saw the movie that most of them know about. But if it was released a few days, weeks, or several months, people would’ve yet to watch it and wanna watch the movie when they got the time; Same goes with video games; If they were games that have little story or if just like the annual sports games, then it’s okay to make fun of it. However, many video game nowadays have more story and surprise gameplay in their modern games, which creates a problem to a certain audience that they should avoid the internet so that the player/viewer won’t discover anything related to a game/movie they want to play/watch.

Avengers: Infinity War is one of 2018’s most highly anticipated movies, as well as one of its best Marvel movies. And not long after the movie premiered, the meme community started posting memes about Infinity War, and had pictures from people who filmed the movie in their memes. That has to be utter hell to those who view memes and is going to watch the movie. Another example would be a game called Persona 5; It’s a turn-based RPG game that has a really good story. The game was very popular, so popular that it not only was a really good experience to play, it also got a nomination for Game of the Year in the 2017 Game Awards. And just like Infinity War, it boasted the creation of more memes (many of them with spoilers).

It’s hard to explain more about spoiler memes because…SPOILERS!!!But I will say that there are memes that relate to a movie/game, but they have no context of spoilers. But even with that, it wouldn’t help much with spoiling something on the internet. So the next time you wanna watch the next upcoming movie, or play the new video game (that is story based), just avoid the sites that contain memes; Because you’ll expect a whole slew of spoiled posts.