Letter To Professor Ryan

Dear Prof,

While everyone is writing their last blog post, I decided my last post to be a letter to you. CT 101 class is nothing without you.

The very first post I wrote in ct101.us was about how I found out about this class and enrolled in it because everyone said it is an easy class to pass. But none of them mentioned how YOU make the class easy. It is the professor that makes a class fun and enjoyable. There are a lot of technicalities in producing a creative expression through art and putting effort in it may become frustrating but you made it easy peasy lemon squeezy. I never know I could learn things that I managed to learn cause of your help.

Anybody can try to make gifs and memes. The best thing about making them is that there are no boundaries to it and you showed me that it is a form of multifaceted ART.

I had the panoramic effect in my phone for as long as I remember but never thought I could produce a time travel capture with it. you reminded me that we have so much resources available at our disposal to create art as abstract as possible.

you also helped me find inspiration in my own perplexed personality. How confused, lost, and indecisive I feel which I am unable to express most of the times. I also kind of chose myself so that if you ever look back and look at this work, you would remember my face :3

Just about now, I must mention that I always thought of learning Photoshop but never did it. I cancelled my free trial twice with two different accounts. You made it effortlessly fun to work with and were always there to help me whenever I stumbled on a problem.

I love to talk about the things that inspire me and make me happy. It extends my happiness ten folds when those things make others feel the same as I. Thank you for giving me a public platform to talk about something like that through creating a gif with portraits.

As weeks went by, we were learning more and more of Photoshop and other image manipulation websites and apps. I was always into editing photos but I learned things like filling an image, layering and merging, erase and add parts of it. It also taught me to be patient and realize that a quality art takes time to be created. For an impatient person like me, it was a bit to get a hold of.

I always found vaporwave messy and confusing Only to find out that we can make sense of the mess and confusion in so many ways that a simple picture may lack.

Last but not the least,

you let us create a website of our own. you pushed us to think about what drives our passion wagon (I totally  came up with this), what do we wanna document on the internet to share and appreciate ourselves and others as well. I do not know you personally, I wish I knew you few years back. I would have tried taking each and every class with you. Maybe I would have changed my major to communication technology because you are an awesome professor. everyone has their own battles to fight, you have yours yet if you can set an example of how friendly, helpful and joyous teaching be, others have no legit reasons to be grumpy while sharing knowledge.

This class has come to an end but I will carry the experience and knowledge you gave me along with me. I will make effort to learn more, polish my craft and keep creating art. I will try to share it with you too. I wish you get flooded by creativity rush in the coming years from your future students as well and keep up the good work that you do. Have a healthy and happy life.

Thank you, Prof Ryan!

best Regards,

Rubaiyat Anjum

Farewell CT101

Current mood while doing the final assignment for CT101….

African Kid Omg GIF - AfricanKid Omg Crying GIFs

Wow, I must say this semester went by really fast. It feels just like yesterday that I am buying new notebooks and pens to complete my final semester at York. Fast forward four months and I am now one week away from being a college graduate. The reason why this semester went by so quick mainly has to do with me taking CT101. Overall CT101 was a fun class where I learned a lot of new things that I thought I would never learn. Starting from GIFs, having our own blog site, and even vapor-wave art. I DIDN’T EVEN KNOW WHAT VAPOR-WAVE WAS!!! LOL. But I had a blast making own vapor-wave, which I believe I did a good job on.

CHECK IT OUT!!!!^^^^

I was able to learn how to properly hyperlink and how can I forget photo shop. CT101 taught me how to actually use photo shop in an effective way. In particular I enjoyed the website that CT101 provided for us because it gave us a platform to create and publish our own content. I happened to use my site as a blog post website where I practically talked about everything such as fashion, travelling, CT101 classwork, sports, photography etc. I plan on maintaining the website and keeping the way it is, me talking about what’s on my mind. That way I am not secluded to one particular audience. Rather I am touching multiple audiences who will be interested in my content.




Overall I had a blast while taking this class, but I know I could have done better. Therefore I believe I earned a C or a C+ in the course. That being said it was a pleasure Mr. Seslow and I appreciate all that you taught, you were great!!!!!!!


Thank You CT101!

Entering the class of CT101, I didn’t know what to expect. Honestly, before class, I was pretty nervous because I was afraid that I wouldn’t be able to perform and adapt well in class. We were introduced with Adobe Photoshop. As soon as I notice we were going to use that, I feared that it’ll take so much time to get use to because of how complex it was. However, I was afraid for nothing.

It wasn’t bad at all. Using Photoshop, I actually enjoyed every part of it. Thanks to Professor Ryan, we learned many different features and how to manipulate an image. We learned numerous of things such as, creating a GIF Portrait, Vapor Wave, Averaged Portrait, and more.

The work that I highly enjoyed working is the GIF Portrait! Creating your own gif portrait was really fun, however the process of making one was very time consuming. Remembering and following the steps were complex, so listening to every detail that was stated is a must. Other than that, I was able to create a GIF Portrait of Steve Carell.

I think that applying photoshop into my world outside of class will definitely be an important tool to use to improve my editing skills on the images I take. I really love taking pictures, and for me to use photoshop can make an image look so much better. With a whole variety of features in photoshop, editing has never been more fun!

Maintaining my website, http://worksofjan.com/, became a daily routine for me. Ever since I made this website, I feel obligated to continue posting because I really enjoy posting the things I worked on. Every post that is updated, I feel satisfied and happy for myself. Hopefully, I will continue to progress with my website and the content that is posted.

Overall, CT101 was amazing and by far, one of my favorite class I have taken. Working hard on all the assignments, it was worth my time, and I had a blast! I really enjoy being in the classroom too, for I have not missed a day throughout the semester.  To be completely honest, if I were to give myself a grade, I would give myself an A+, because I was able to work hard and happily complete all my assignments and improve on my website.

I will truly miss having CT101. I am very thankful for this amazing semester, and thank you Professor Ryan! I hope all of you have a healthy and happy summer! 🙂


Final Post CT101( I had a great time)

CT101 is one of the most interest I have taken in all of my classes. I enjoy a lot. I enjoy the GIF-making part a lot. I said it is the second best project I have done in the class. The best project is to create our own website. I found it very interesting when customizing my own website. I have to think about everything before I publish the post. In addition, I like how I can put different contents under different categories. I learned a lot about Photoshop over the course of the semester. I love to modify the picture and put them together is far beyond fun. It is entertaining. Well, at least for me. I would say the most shocking feature of Photoshop is GIF creation. I thought Photoshop is just about modifying photos. Making GIF using Photoshop is a completely new experience for me, but I like it. I think I deserve an A in this class. I have done all the assignment in the class on time. However, I missed two classes due to the extreme condition of cold. I still post blogs on time though. I think I missed one weekly sign in, but I post a blog on that week. I will maintain my website over the next year because it is my first personal website. I enjoy sharing something that really interesting and inspiring in my website.


You can check out my website here.


Lastly, I want to say. Good job, everyone.


this is the real last, I just want to special mention vaporwave project.  The vapor wave picture making reminds me of how I crafted my first picture in the Photoshop.

Say It Ain’t SoOoOOOoo🎤

I cannot believe how fast the semester is finishing up:

Over the semester, I learned how to make gifs using Photoshop and imgur.com. where I made a few gifs. I learned how to make memes using photoshop and learned that Helvetica is a great font.

In class, we learned how to make multi-faced portraits. This portrait of Alfonsina Storni is one of my favorite posts, it was cool/challenging to edit the layers.

One of the posts I had difficulty with was the week we focused on the Vaporwave aesthetic. I think my end result was too cluttered, but I do like the Vaporwave art style. I think my grade for this course would be a B-or an A- because I missed one week’s post and was late on two posts. Learning Photoshop helped me start a project that would not have started without taking this class. It is so exciting, I started an Instagram page called @broadcityeverywhere. It’s a page that has Abbi & Ilana in different landscapes and I’m starting with Pride and Prejudice landscapes.

Abbi Jacobson and Ilana Glazer at Lyme Park

The image above took a minute because I edited the duo from the original background. You can see the original on the latest post over on my website.

Broad City
Jennifer Ehle and Colin Firth

Also this semester, I liked editing vintage travel posters of Peru and Venice.

This poster makes me want to travel in Italy thinking about how it is the home to thousands of rounds of parm >>


As for my website riverakatherine.com, I will keep it up and update it with some of the posts from the Broad City and Pride and Prejudice page. Thank you, Professor Ryan, and fellow CT101 classmates for making this course fun! 🙂