Midterm week? You got this 👍

Supposedly this week is midterm week and to all my brothers and sisters from both Tuesday and Thursday, I wish you guys all the best luck because trust me you’re going to need it. But don’t worry as long as you studied and pay attention this far into the semester you should be fine. Once it’s done I would offer to buy each and everyone a drink but sadly I’m broke so you guys get hugs lol

Gif Production

yara shahidi

At this point of this month spooky season has already arrived and the weather isn’t colder yet. I got over my cold and trying to finish midterm essays and studying outlines. It going to rain today I just want to sleep . I was struggling and I couldn’t do the moving image for specially on the eyes . Just need more time and I’ve looking for one tool for 30 minutes.  Hopefully I get better.

:[ :( Drivers Can Be Mean :I :{

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On my way to class this morning I was on the MTA buss when the buss driver says “Hey everyone the last stop will be at Sutphin Boulevard” which is not the location of York College. So, on the way out of the buss the driver said we can take another buss. I was waiting for the another buss to come by when the mean buss driver looks at me on the buss that I am suppose to get on. It was a weird look then she says go to the buss stop when I was already there. When the light turned green she drove off.