Are Memes Art?

What is art?

According to Merriam-Webster, art is the conscious use of skill and creative imagination especially in the production of aesthetic objects. Many people use memes in a way to express themselves and by definition it is a form of art.

In my opinion, memes are considered art as it is a way to share your thoughts and feelings in a particular subject. Reddit is a social media page with a wide variety of memes subreddits. My favorite meme themed subreddit will have to be /r/wholesomememes is it filled with kind-hearted memes and will lift your mood.

For example: 


Fun Times

I have a lot of videos I took in my phone and sometimes I take those videos and edit them for fun. It was not easy editing at first because I didn’t know what video to put first or what song goes first. But after editing several videos and watching some tutorial I kind of understand it. Here is a video I took on March 24 and 25 of the year 2018. I used 2 apps to complete this video and they are called “RAD VHS” and “Videoshop”.
















I learn how to do things visually and if I see a video on it so here is a small tutorial that I made using screen recording that’s available on iPhone. The tutorial is rushed so it’s not as good as the video above.

Memes!!! The new wave of art!

Are memes art? Hmmm… interesting question, and I’m pretty sure no one has even thought about it either. One might ask what is art. What’s art to some may not be art to others.

Art is all about expressing yourself in unique ways. They can either start up a conversation where everyone agrees with you or disagrees.

But I think it’s such a beautiful moment when everyone comes together because of a meme. Like the feeling of getting a package you ordered 2 days after ordering it.



I love taking pictures, especially of nature. I always get this sense of happiness when I see trees, sun, star, and flowers. We, humans, are always so attached to technology that we forget that we are surrounded by beautiful things. When you are going through tough times, the best things to do is walk out and take a deep breath of nature. Some people feel happy, just by looking at flowers. When you walk by the flowers, there is a scent of flowers that makes you satisfied.

These are some of the pictures I took while walking down the street.

The beauty of nature is undefeatable.