We Made It! – The Last Blog Post

My experience in CT101 was great. I enjoyed thinking outside of the box and trying to create something outside of the normal. Being a photographer I would always have pictures of my friends that I would save and make fun of them. I would never think to make a GIF but now I make GIFs all the time of my friends to get on their nerves more than I usually do.

Although we didn’t get to meet much I think I enjoyed the first few classes of the semester that we had. Professor Seslow, if you ever decided to give up teaching you should become a motivational speaker or something along those lines. The way you spoke truly impacted me and left a mark on me for a lifetime.


In our first class you offered a perspective, a different way to absorb life and I forever will be grateful for that. I struggle with my existence and role on this planet and you gave depth to concepts that have been brewing in my mind. On that note I will be sure to take care of my meat suit forever.


I started my website for my friends, a collective that I work with whose main focus is music. They are called thebaremax. I found this group of artists when I needed them the most and I am so happy to call them my friends now. Currently I am their creative director and execute any visuals that they need. I will definitely keep this site up and running, we are going to be successful keep an eye out for us.

Currently they want to keep the site simplistic so I will maintain the simplicity. We want the site to be engaging so mainly visuals will be on the website. We would like to have head shots of all the artists but due to Covid-19 we have not been able to execute that so that will be coming to the website in the future. We’re trying to be patient and safe.

As far as my final grade, I think I deserve an B, I think I could have done more with my website. I was trying to cater to my groups needs. Also in a real world client situation I would grade myself an B. I think I could’ve pushed them to be more creative.

I’m sad I didn’t get to experience your class the way my friends told me about it but I am glad I took your class when I did. Not a lot of people can say they had a trillionaire as their Professor.


Here is a link to my website that I created for my Collective.


Here you will find the groups logo as the homepage. Under new releases they wanted their most recent video. We tried putting links to their music but we found that it looked tacky and decided to stick with a video and if the consumer wanted to search their catalog more they can do so via Youtube. The last page is the about us page which includes a brief description of the group and their focus. We did a lot of experimenting and going back and forth to come to this final layout and content within the website. We hope to add more soon. Hope you enjoy.

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  1. Thank you so much, Morganne!
    “On that note I will be sure to take care of my meat suit forever.” LOL! We must!
    Thank you so much for the kind words and the impact of our class, I will keep talking and sharing my perspective, and applying to academia and beyond!
    Great work this semester, this final post is a great example of the narratives that can created to reflect, tell stories, and communicate our feelings, philosophies and impressions. Communication is our birthright and way that we choose to facilitate it is also such.
    Have a wonderful summer and please keep in touch!
    Thank you!

    Jeff Bezos :)))))

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