When i first walked into the class I felt as if I have walked into a class full of people speaking gibberish. Not knowing anything about technology and not wanting to know anything about it made it quite hard for me to adjust in the class….

How ever that confusion only lasted for 10 mins, and was very excited wanting to learn everything about things that i use in my daily life but don’t really know about the background of how they are made, And was looking very foreword to the whole semester.

Animated GIF

This was the most interesting assignment i had done during when we got to meet in class before corona 🙁  and i wanted to make GIFS of all my favorite reactions of my favorite characters i could think  of…

Animated GIF

When you have been trying so hard to keep a secret from each other but then at the end you realize you both knew about it all along.

Animated GIF

When i am suppose to be doing an assignment but instead someone walks in on me doing something stupid…


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