Final Blog post/Kenju Gibbs

It is a bummer that this class ended with distance learning due to the pandemic, however, it was a great learning experience, I appreciate Professor Seslow to be able to provide helpful videos and tools for us to learn through social distancing at our own pace.

This was one of my favorite courses in college because this course served as a change in perception of stuff I already saw on the internet. I believe there is a lot of opportunity online and as an artist it is my responsibility to use it to its full advantage. From making memes, to making narratives for panoramas, looking for gifs, creating images on photoshop, to even my own website I learned something useful in this class. The ability to remix and change the perception of content online. This was the key takeaway I got because through photoshop I was able to take simple photos and make beautiful art and even funny memes. Gifs added to writing allowed me to emphasize the writing, and a nice website allowed me to tie these elements together. I hope to get at least an A in this class because I was able to learn and use these principles to begin making art in unique ways. Here is some art I created using photoshop using this idea by taking some materials I found online and applying it to simple shapes of hands I drew and scanned on my computer. Took this and then added it on to different backgrounds to change the perception of the art again.

Here is my Art website that I created. I believe I will continue to develop it, however, I am happy I was able to build the fundamental  beginnings of it during this semester. This website will be a log of my development as an artist as I try to build my own brand though the illustrations I produce. Hopefully I can add a shop in the near future, however right now it has a simple homepage with some of my art, an art section where I post my art in one place, and an about me section explaining my goal and purpose for the website. I hope to one day share what I learned and developed with the whole world as I go on with my journey

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