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Whew, what a semester huh?  It’s not every semester we are forced out of everyday life and forced to be quarantined at home. Yea, but it happened.





Now, I remember the first day of class like it was yesterday. I was so excited to learn different programs on the computer, and put them to the test. The professor explained to us what we were going to get out this class, but I didn’t expect life to complicate that.

This meme describes how I felt trying to understand our CT101 course work from home. I had so many other classes that was piling up work on me, but I was use to that type of work. Taking a quiz here, writing an essay there, completing a lab here, reading a textbook there. Everything in that sense I was able to do, but it became overwhelming.

Now I enjoyed the fact that our professor was very lenient when it came our work, because lord knows I could not figure it it. Making a website came out horrible for me, because I did not know what to do. I followed the videos the best way I could, but  could  not understand for the life of me how to make a website LOOK like an actual website. Now….. pleas don’t make fun of me (lol), but this is my website. Beautiful right ? Now  I wanted this  to  be  a space  for  people  to anonymously  write  stories,  vent,  etc..

Yes, this may not show what I learned, but it does show I tried. From memes to Giphys to even learning about copyright.  All of these we use on a daily basis with the technology we have out here today, so therefore it is important for us as a consumer to know how to do these things.

One of my favorite projects from this class was the Pano-picture project. This was one of my last memories from CT101 before we had to go into quarantine. Let me refresh your memory. Down below is the picture I did with my group. It brings back memories of frustration that turned into a beautiful picture, and now I can teach others how to do this cool camera trick.                                                                                                                                          Now will I continue to use my website outside of CT101?







Now to really answer that question I most likely will not due to my inability to grasp the concept of creating and maintaining a website. Though I would have love to continue using it if I did.  🙁

Now when you ask me what grade I deserve or want….OF COURSE AN A+







Now what grade I deserve….I’m not sure, but what I do know is I tried my very best….was in all the zoom classes ANNNNNND grasp most of out concepts this semeste. (JUST TO STATE MY CASE LOL)


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