Digital Storytelling Possibilities

Two Types of Transport

These arts inspired me because they have a story in them, they show us the destruction created by the earthquake of 1906 and the present-day San Francisco. Back in 1906 taking a Photograph wasn’t as easy as pulling Your phone out and pressing the shutter button for a colorful picture instead the cameras were bulky and required films to take pictures, which was only limited to black and white along with lacking in contrast and had a lot of noise, it didn’t have any digital image stabilizer so shakiness was a plus. And in order for me to create images like this I would need to learn how to use Adobe’s Photoshop and lightroom. Adobe has created a platform that opens a new world of possibilities with its countless features. As much as I would like to learn to use all of them I want to become a pro at Photoshopping. I want to learn how to layer an image and how to fill the gaps or differences in the photos, how to balance out the lighting, and to blend. 

My Younger sister who goes to high school right now knows how to use photoshop and since she knows how to utilize it. I asked to repair a damaged birthday photo of mine when I was 4. She fixed it right away, but she replaced her face with mine and made a joke out of it. LOL, I was mad at her for pulling the prank at me but I was surprised with the change she was able to bring. 


Forrest Gump Meeting JFK

With the photo of Tom Hanks meeting the president. John F. Kenndy was totally photoshopped for the movie Forrest Gump. At the time Tom Hanks was only a “school-aged child” when Kenndy was president. The technology in 1994 had the ability to put Tom Hanks in the same room as President Kennedy. This talent puts the viewers in the timeline of believing that it actually happened. 

In this digital world and time, everyone knows and says “it’s Photoshopped” because it is, it has the power of making digital images perfect whether it is to show a model’s body or to advertise vegetables. And as a Communication Technology major student it is essential for me to learn how to utilize it to the max for building up my ability to create digital storytelling skills. It has the flexibility of creating anything art and it makes creating art limitless.

NZT, Limitless Pill



Earthquake images & Forrest Gump.


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