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My Best Class


Sadly, this is my last blog post in CT101, I will continue to create more blogs on my new website. Thank you Professor Ryan Seslow for helping us throughout. It is a challenging course because everything was new to me and I learned a lot. I learned interesting things like how to make GIFS, Memes, panoramic pictures, photoshop, and how to develop our own website where we can express our inner creativity.



I expect to earn an +A grade because I did all work that was required. I enjoyed doing every single post in this class. The topics were interesting to write about and are really helpful. I am getting an +A because it was a challenging course that helped me express myself and share my story since I am bad at it. I believe that all my classmates did great and enjoyed the class.



I enjoyed many things in this class. Even though It felt like it passed really fast, I made really nice memories in this class. I enjoyed the Tedtalks Professor Seslow was giving based on his life lessons and experiences, they were inspirational.

We were formed into groups to go around the college and find places to make panoramic pictures. I enjoyed working with my group we did not want to stop taking pictures and going around because it was so fun. One of my favorite pictures we made is this one:



I learned how to use photoshop, I always wanted to learn more about it because I will need it for my career. I just wish CT is part of Marketing requirements because it has a lot of information that Marketers need to know how to use. I edited this image and made a meme using photoshop:



I will apply my new skills to the world by making more funny Gifs and memes to share with my friends and on social media. I will be taking more panoramic pictures and I was even amazed to have such a format in my phone and not knowing because it would’ve been helpful. I also will apply blogging into my life, I will share new blogs into my new website that I am excited for.



I will keep my new website to share my blogs and images about the things I like such as fashion, food, photography, beauty, and travel. I couldn’t choose one thing because I have a lot to share related to these topics.

This is my website: https://laylajamalabdallah.com/

When you first enter you will see the name of my blog as Layla’s Blog. It has different categories about fashion, food, photography, beauty, and travel and soon will start blogging and make the design of my website prettier and simple.

This is my last final before I graduate virtually and I  saved the best assignment to the last, I am almost done with the assignment and I don’t want it to end because it’s an enjoyable assignment that made me remember the interesting things I learned from this course and the beautiful memories.

Good luck everyone and stay safe.



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