CT 101 Final Blog Post/Michelle Batt

CT101 by far is a class that I found enjoyable. Every time I would walk in I felt excited to learn new things. I learned so many things I thought I couldn’t. I loved reading and seeing all the blog posts and memes my classmates would post.  It was a great way to express myself and feel connected with my classmates.

I definitely laughed a lot at the memes and GIFS.

I enjoyed the assignment “Is Meme Art?” I loved having the freedom of posting so many memes. It was so much fun!!


This class is so cool and I’m glad I took it. I never thought I would have my own website. I always wonder how people created them and look at me becoming an expert LOL.  If anyone wants to take a look at it here is the link      http://www.michelleybelly.com

I’m looking forward to posting more blogs especially during these rough times. Posting blogs on my website helps me release my thoughts and I feel good afterwards. This has helped me during this pandemic. I feel like it can really help those who are feeling stressed out.So definitely keeping my website! On the other hand, I feel like I deserve a B in this class. I feel like I haven’t written as much or posted as much on by website as I should have.

Overall, I’m going to miss this class. I’m glad I got the experience and looking forward to creating new memes and gifs. I’m going to take all the new skills I learned and definitely use it in my everyday life.

GOODBYE,ADIOS,ARRIVEDECI CT101 and Professor Seslow. Thanks for being a great and understanding Professor! Stay safe and healthy everyone!



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