Final CT 101 Post-Justin

  How I felt during quarantine
So here we go the final CT 101 post and I’m sad to say that this is the last time I’ll posting here and I’m gonna miss this class!

So for starters I learned a lot about myself in this class, I learned to not define myself by a grade, I learned about my work ethic, and I learned how fun it was to just let loose and be more creative. I’m naturally a creative person but sometimes school makes me forget that I’m glad I listened to my friends and decided to take this course I mean I needed the elective anyways.

CT 101 at home wasn’t as goodCT 101 at home wasn’t as good

In all honesty CT 101 was so much fun when we were on campus… once quarantine hit it was a disaster! My WiFi did not work for weeks! I missed so many zoom classes and I wasn’t able to make my website but I do have a WordPress I’ve used for years now so I can’t how it works for the most part. This class was a lot more enjoyable at school it sucks that period of enjoyment was short lived as I made wonderful friends there too.

How I felt taking online courses…  

But I don’t want to focus on the bad parts of the quarantine because before the quarantine everything was going pretty well so I want to remember those times…


These panoramic pictures made me so happy I made new friends and they were so much fun to do! I will always look back at those times with happiness and joy I actually so much fun in class and I usually never say that! So to see how we were all laughing and having a good time before the final product it made me happy. These are the moments that I’ll remember CT 101 for.


Above is one of my first memes and I’m still not over the fact that the Professor told us that we can call him on the first name basis that took me by surprise!

Another meme I made and I still find this to be true the class did not seem real like we just make memes all day? Unreal!

And finally the weirdest part stating what grade and I will get this is hard to say. I’m always hard on myself even if I do an excellent job on a class so all I can say is that I think I deserve a B. I wouldn’t ask for an A that’s a bit crazy for me I don’t know I never asked for my grade before. But as far as this class is concerned I was always on time, I really enjoyed my time in this class, and I really hate that it had to be cut short but hey I’m not alone. I’ll miss CT 101 it’s been real everyone!

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