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Throughout this semester of being in CT101, I have learned various skills and techniques like making memes, gifs, a panoramic photo, as well as making my own website which is truly incredible thanks to Professor Ryan. Honestly, I have never thought I could make something as incredible as my own website. I just thought of it to be truly mind-blowing because I never thought I could do something as amazing as that. Then again,  I always thought about having a website is something very professional and official for a person who wants to establish their own business or profile. Nevertheless, I am thrilled with these skills and techniques I have learned in CT101, and I also am happy that I can add these skills to my resume.

Additionally, I am not too surprised that I am satisfied with taking CT101 because I have friends who took the class before and they talk so highly about it in which I thought it was a no brainer to take this class especially because it is my last semester too and I want to end it off on a good note.

For the grade that I believe I should get and have earned in the class, I think I should receive an A because I believe that I put as many details as I can in each of my blog post assignments as well as I feel like I engage and participate in the class very well before COVID 19 had shut down the school. In addition, I feel like with the efforts and knowledge that I have received in this class I could easily distribute these skills to someone else who is unaware of these techniques. So, all in all, I feel that I have earned myself an A in this class.

Furthermore, I have enjoyed all the aspects of CT101, although like I mentioned previously before,  making my own website was the most impactful to me. As for learning to make a meme, gif, and panoramic photo, I thought it added a fun and humorful aspect to the class that I am happy I learned about. I can even add these skills to my own personal post and platform.

Also, I thought it was very informative to learn about the laws of Copyright as I was not too aware of what it was but I knew that I needed to be careful about using and crediting another person source of materials so that I won’t have to get in trouble with them or the law.  Moreover, as for my website, I, of course, would love to continue maintaining it as I am very proud of my website and I think it is a nice platform that I can share and use to promote the success of others and good times.

Lastly, for my website, it is about the success, promotion, and good times of others. The type of success and promo that I like to share is of my friends or people that I admire that have made a platform for themselves to promote their passion and skills that I believe are amazing. For the distribution tour of my website, I have four columns that are divided into the categories of introduction, listen to something interesting, watch something that makes you happy, and good times. Besides the introduction, each category demonstrates a video or a shoutout of a person that I admire because of their platform or a person expressing their hobbies that they do so well. For the introduction, it talks about who I am and how I express myself as a person.

As for the frustration that I have faced with my website, I had difficulties with arranging it on how I wanted it to be. Originally, I wanted to use a different outlet for my website beside twenty-seventeen, although it did not work out that way whatsoever. Besides, the original idea that I had for my site was not the same idea as my website right now. It also became tedious with what I should put or not put on it because I worried about copyright claims and because I am very indecisive. It became annoying as to what I should or should not put on my site.

As for the successes of my site, I am happy that I was able to include my friends’ projects, talent, and successes on my site. In addition, I also was able to incorporate old videos and good times that I had in York with my friends and in the Kpop Club, which serves as a special thing to me. Also, another reason why I am happy with the success of my site is that I shared it with a few of my friends and friend that is a CT major and all of them liked it very much as they said that they were impressed by it which makes me satisfied with the results. Overall, I really adore my website assignment,  and I would be happy to continue maintaining it.

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