CT101 Final Blog Post / Gabriella Palit

CT101 Final Blog Post / Gabriella Palit

Taking CT101 never gets across my mind. However, my friend suggested we should take this class as electives. So, I just agreed.

Well, if this class is not good I won’t even write this! So let’s be honest, This is probably one of the most enjoyable classes compared to others.

I thought at first this class will not teach me anything, well, it is totally the opposite, I learned a lot from this class. From just searching for memes, gifts, stickers, (Imgur, Giphy) to being able to create one. This is my first gift I created

I was able to use Photoshop for the first time from a PC because usually I edit my photos using a phone. it was not the best. But, I like my edit.

Learning what copyrights are about, and even got an opportunity to communicate with classmates and do a “Pano- project” together. I enjoyed the process of taking the Panoramic photos.

also, I feel great editing my blog post and even now I have my own domain website. even though it was kind of stressful.

From this class, I am sure to get an A because I have done most of the work according to the syllabus.

I think the things that I learned in class that will be applied to the world definitely will be using panoramic for taking pictures. I will be using the most are the gifts, memes to post on my social media or maybe create one for someone else to enjoy it.

As I am looking at my website now, I love it! Maybe I will keep it because I have more photography of beautiful sky, views, and food that I like to share on my website. I still want to share my “ is it poem?” to my blog post, and some my story. I like writing but never get a great platform to share it to the public. Maybe this is a great idea.


check out my website: http://gpait8.com/blog/

what is funny, my domain name I made a typo lol.


  1. Gabriella,
    Excellent! Great work this semester! So creative and fun! I love this narrative and the GIFs and Memes applied. I know this was not the traditional semester that we were supposed to have, and Im sad about that but also happy with the way that we were able to adapt and push forward with our learning and display of what we have learned.
    You have completed great work across all criteria! Thanks so much!

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