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group assignment…. whyy?

Even though i have always done pretty well in group work it is the most frustrating thing to me during class. I am always the one taking care of everything in a group activity and not when group mates choose to not do what they are required from it makes a fun group activity annoying.

when I got to be the director in the group…

Being the director gave me an opportunity to tell all my teammates what we were required of and them being the best teammates ever gave multiple ideas for pictures and each one did their part.

The panorama picture as expected took many trial and errors. Even though it wasn’t what i was expecting to be the final result, it still came out pretty good.

My direction: we are going to start of with the tallest person on the left and end with shortest person on the right. Then when switching the sides we will start with the shortest on the right and tallest on the left, for out picture to have this cool skewed effect towards the middle. How ever we were unable to show the effect because we had to have a big enough gap in between for the picture to come out as a decent looking picture rather than having these wonky looking effects.

Over all it was great group activity and stepping out of the classroom was a great way of leaving everything to the imagination.

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  1. Remember that day, that was the first time we all grouped up and talked but unfortunately that was also last day. we never got another chance to meet. See you around

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