Ms. Rona

how am i feeling about proceeding in this class during A PANDEMIC.

This semester has been a pretty hectic one out of my whole 4 years of college. All classes going online, which might not be the worst from some students but for students like me that get work done or learn more when face to face was a very hard semester.

To be honest I had given up on this semester and and didn’t have any exceptions on being able to do good well in any of my classes, because me and stress are a no no. How ever thanks to some professors on behalf of us all student at York made it a lot easier for their students by willing to help in any way possible.

Unfortunately, we are unable to fulfill our basic social needs during this pandemic, and technology has played an impotent role in connecting everyone. My coping mechanism keeping CT-101 in mind has been memes at this time. such as…

Not only is this a literal stop on the world showing that not everything go as planed you just have to hang on tight and enjoy the ride, but it also is a reminder to us of how we have been treating our world. many studies during this pandemic have shown that there is a drastic change in air pollution and water pollution showing the importance of us being cautious of what we do to OUR EARTH.

Lastly, to everyone out there, please stay home stay safe and just enjoy the present being around your loved ones.



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