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It was truly fun while it lasted. I have learned a whole lot in this class that I have not learned previously. There were many things I have learned this semester which in no particular order include making memes, Gifs, Blogs, Symbolic storytelling, and Website creation. Honestly making memes was one of my favorites. Making memes was by far my most favorite activity. This activity is what inspired my theme for my website. Another one of my favorite activities was taking photos using the panorama feature. I had never heard or used that feature before and was always quite curious of what it was used for. Working as a group gave everyone a chance to express themselves and share ideas on where and how to take the photo. It was a really fun and engaging activity.

The discussion on the topic of “are memes art?” was quite interesting.  we all shared our opinions on the topic and came to the conclusion that anything can truly be art if it can be shared and enjoyed by many.  Copyright was also a really interesting topic we delved on. From what I have seen in the media copyright is not something to be played around with. I learned that using someone’s intellectual property without consent or negotiation can result in a lawsuit against you and the removal of said content. When it comes to blogging it is crucial to use royalty-free photos and videos as well as your own to prevent issues further down the line.

It was truly a fun ride and I cannot wait to see what else CT has for me to offer. I hope everyone is doing fine and staying safe during this pandemic.

One thought on “Final Blog Post”

  1. Thanks so much, man!
    We learned a lot from each other this semester!
    Especially in how we are all responding and reacting to the world and its current circumstances with COVID-19 – in relationship to the work we generated.
    Thank you for the hard work and taking on all of the assignments, including your new website!
    Be well, and be safe!

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