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During the CT101 course, I gained an enormous amount of information dealing with learning about constructing a blog post, the importance of Gifs and the use of hyperlinks.  Towards the beginning of the semester, the professor introduced me and my fellow classmates to the world of Gifs.  Of course now a days everybody knows what a GIF may be but I learned that a Gif can be way more then a moving image or a image with or without words in it.

sudden realization oh i see GIF

A Gif can express ones emotions at a specific moment in time with an image, with or without captions.  Gifs can be so useful especially when you don’t know how to express yourself in that moment in time and words cant describe how your feeling.  We later then began to tell a story with reaction Gifs about the class at that point in time along with some of the potentials we may reach.  In order to do this we used Imgur and Giphy to help us find the best memes that could show our reactions to how the class was going. This wasn’t a hard task for me because I knew what kind of story I wanted to create using the Gifs.

Celebrate France GIF by FIFA

We then moved on to the topic of memes and questioning if memes could be considered art.  My answer was art is an expression of ones feeling through a different way other than writing.  Art can be demonstrated through drawings, paintings, memes and etc.  Memes can be defined as a humorous image, video, piece of text, etc.  This then transitioned us into actually creating our own memes describing how we felt about Ct101 up to that point in time and this is what I came up with:

With creating this meme I learned that if you want to include text on an image, you have to choose a text color that complements the background color.  In this instance, my background color is a sky blue so I decided to use white text in order for the words to be shown clearly.  I also learned when making a meme that the placing of where you want to put your text is critical.  This is due to you not wanting the words to cover the image that your trying to display.  There needs to be a balance between color and placing of the text within the image.  This was a small peace of work but it felt like a big accomplishment in the class due to me never doing this type of work before.

james milner smile GIF by Liverpool FC

After this, we transitioned into panoramic storytelling with multiplicity. When the professor first began to explain what we were going to be doing I knew exactly what the panoramic option was on the phone but I never understood how to use it.  I had to team up with other individuals and make a story out of the pano mode with the photos we took.  My group members and I went to various locations to shoot these photos and each photo had there own story to it.  I learned while in pano mode an individual would have to stand in a certain spot at the beginning.  While moving the phone slowly to the right the same individual would have to move behind the person taking the picture and pose for when the camera comes to the other spot you chose to pose at.  My group members and I had so much fun during this process and it was such a learnable moment for me not only through the professor but through my group members as well.

dance marathon kids GIF by Children's Miracle Network Hospitals

The topic of copyright then came up and this was very interesting to me.  I learned that when a person copyrights something the exclusive right given to the creator of a creative work to reproduce the work, usually for a limited time.  We then watched a video of different clips from Disney animated films explaining what and how to use copyrighting in a proper manner.  I then realized that there are so many individuals that have the same idea at the same exact time and the difference between one person and the rest can be that this one person put their idea into effect and copy-wrote their work first.  Copyrighting your work is well recommended as well due to the possibility of one wanting to go further with their idea.  This topic taught me what to do if I was to ever want to push an idea and take it far.

hack my life kevin GIF by truTV

I honestly did enjoy this class not only because of the work we were doing but also because of the professor.  The professor was so understanding and his style of teaching was different from any other that iv’e seen.  I believe that I deserve a C+ in this course because I completed the majority of the work but I unfortunately didn’t get the chance to create a website due to personal issues that have been occurring.  As far as the certain skills that I have learned throughout the course, I will be looking forward to applying them to my future classes as well as helping individuals who want to create memes or need to ask questions about any of the topics that were covered in class.  I can honestly say it was a pleasure to be apart of this course and every minute was enjoyable.  I wanna say thank you to the professor for being so understanding during this course with everything that took place as well.  Farewell everyone.

Jimmy Fallon Reaction GIF by The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

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  1. Drew, Thanks so much! You have completed great work this semester and deserve much more than a C+!
    I appreciate your work and pushing through the difficult time, I am always here to help and I can help you build that website over the summer if you are interested? We can work together with a much looser time line, either way, thanks so much the great work, keep in touch, be safe!

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