Memes ARE a form of ART!

Are Memes ART?
The answer can vary among different individuals, depending on their Age, level of familiarity with Technology & where they are born, since in some countries/cultures memes are still NOT a thing to make fuss about.
A specific element from one meme can be used to comment on many situations. “Exploitable” memes such as Disaster Girl can be integrated on to any image of a disaster.
Memes are created by an individual or an institution deliberately (many marketing companies now strive to create viral content), such as Professor Ryan or Giphy. Creativity on a theme is the name of the game with memes, as seen by the huge number of memes created every day at user-generated content sites such as Reddit, and categorised at sites such as Giphy.
With sites like Giphy providing both the necessary pictures & editing tools to rapidly produce new memes have dramatically increased its popularity.
And so to answer the question, imho, Memes ARE a form of Art, one which many will still believe it’s not. But to me it doesn’t matter what the old school fella thinks, it’s taking off like a Rocket & here to stay. It will only grow & be adopted even more as time goes on. Which makes me happy for it, since I’m also interested in Memes now more than ever, thanks to Professor Ryan. 🤩

Author: Sifat

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