#6 – Copyright infringement


In his TEDx presentation Kirby Ferguson says, “Everything is a Remix and I think this is a better way to conceive of creativity”.

According to Kirby, the basic elements of all remixes is “Copy > Transform > Combine”.

What is Copyright infringement:

Also referred to as “piracy” — is the use of content protected by copyright law without permission for use where authorization is required. This law mandates that copyright infringement for any type of content that’s “protected” can NOT be used WITHOUT the creator’s authorization. In some cases, even if its used for non-profit reasoning.

Why I choose Kirby’s Presentation from TEDx:

In “Everything is a Remix” Kirby elaborated that creativity and its creation comes from what others have already done and then trying to copy them in order to “transform” their creation in to something that’s “different”. When this cycle of “Copy > Transform > Combine” is repeatedly performed, the individual becomes just as “creative” as the OG — initial or original Guru.

My comprehension and outlook:

Mr. Kirby’s presentation did a wonderful job of reinforcing the fact that we humans are indeed — Copy Cats who take what’s OG and modify it to our own version. Which in turn mean, the OG variant is ONLY created ones; before getting modified over n’ over again UNTIL it gets old. Of course, then comes another OG — only for the cycle of “Copy > Transform > Combine” to repeat all over again. Hence, the reality is that what we may be intrigued by today — just might be a revised version of something which came yesterday.

However, the problem with this “Protection Law” is that; often we copy someone who may have copied from someone else whose work is “Protected” by this Avengers of a Law. In that case you just simply can NOT blame them Cats for copying. While it might be the 2nd or 3rd Copy Cat who bites the bigger mouse, yet still, just because they’re good at catching mice doesn’t mean they can eat it — not until they beat their competition (the other hungry cats) in a Cat-fight. And that’s where this Law will bite those cats who know how-to-be “creative”, but not know how-to-fight or ‘Puurrr’ afterwards. 😹

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