Goodbye Ct101

This semester has been a rollercoaster ride for almost everyone. We all had ups and downs throughout this semester. Not only the classes were overwhelming, but some of the professors were also demanding. CT101 was perhaps the only class that I enjoyed doing because of its specialty. It allows us to be creative, be free, and be ourselves.

This was my expression when I did my ct projects. All the homework was very peaceful. I never had a feeling that I was being pressured and I believe that’s when you a student perform better.

1st week of class, we did a project about ” Making me Happy post” This project was expected to introduce yourself and express yourself. We explored amazing topics like ” meme, Giffy’s, ” and so much more. We made our own memes.

This was the very 1st meme I made about my feeling toward this class. I enjoyed creating this piece because I did look forward to the ct101 class.

I also created a blog page. ^_^.  This is a very good experience because I never created a blog. I posted a few posts. Feel free to go check it out.

This class teaches me that our education system needs to be improved. It needs to look out for students. Instead of being demanding, the education system should give the student the chance to express themselves.

If the Education System were a person 🙂

We went through half of the semester throughout a pandemic, It wasn’t only difficult, but also scary. During this time, Only ct101 gave us an opportunity to express our feelings about the pandemic. No other classes did so. The other classes gave us tons of assignments and overwhelmed was as if we weren’t overwhelmed with the death of our family members during this pandemic.

What do I expect to get in this class?

AAAAAAA’s. Who doesn’t love getting A+ in a class?  well, let’s be honest. I think I deserve A- in this class because I missed one assignment and submitted a few homework late. Therefore I would deserve A- and the rest is up to the professor.

At last, I’d say thanks to who created this course and thank the professor for this amazing class.

One thought on “Goodbye Ct101”

  1. Thank you so much, Zannatul!
    This is wonderful reflection, chock full of great insights and expressions, your authentic expressions!
    Thank you for the kind words about the course and how it has resonated with you! I believe that education is going to put more and more of an emphasis on creativity and self expression, not because the system will change, but the People WILL make it change as WE all have the deepest desire to be expressive and creative. You have completed great work across all of class criteria and then some!
    Have a great summer!

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