Final Salutations to CT101

Can you guys believe it? We made it through another semester ya’ll!

I would like to now dive into everything I’ve learned so far in CT101. So in the beginning of the semester I really had no idea what I would be doing in Digital Storytelling. To be totally honest, I wasn’t even sure what “digital storytelling was” but I was optimistic because Professor Michael Brown had raved about Ryan (and rightfully so)

The first thing I can remember was learning how to make different memes for class. I remember thinking, “lol a college student making memes, seems legit”. The first actual meme I made on Photoshop included Beyoncé (obviously) here it is:

I also created these memes on a meme-making website:

Then we had our first group project which consisted of a small group of us creating optical illusions with the panorama feature on our phones. Here was my group’s results:

I think this was my favorite activity because it required all of us in the group to use our heads and come up with something creative and realistic. Usually I don’t like doing group work but this activity was fun and required us to actually think!

What I enjoyed the most from CT101 was the fact that there was something for everybody. When I say this I mean that we could all express ourselves in this class more than we would’ve in a history class or calculus class. We were able to use our own words to talk about the things that mattered to us the most! Which is something you don’t get to do very often and get college credit for.

Overall, I believe I deserve an A+ in this class and I say this for several reasons. Firstly, I have written multiple blog posts on the CT101 website and all have incorporate one or more things that I’ve learned in this class including gifs, hyperlinks, and memes that included lengthy word posts. Secondly, I’ve commented on multiple people’s posts in order to engage with my fellow classmates while providing constructive criticism on their work. Lastly, I truly tried my best when it came to this class. I came in not knowing much about Digital Storytelling but I now leave this class a more informed student with tools that’ll make me a better digital writer.

Now we move on to my website:

My website is:

Here is a screenshot of the home page:

On this website I have three different posts where I talk about the inspiration of the name of my site, what my intentions for the site are, and another random post about horror movies. I tried to use a template because I wanted to give my site some form of individuality.

Here is a screenshot of the horror movie post:

However, using a template was frustrating because I felt limited by the predesigned structure of each blog post. 

I also struggled with the concept of the blog, but I ultimately decided to use it to talk about whatever interests I had. I don’t think I will continue updating and writing on my website because it’s not my preferred method of digital storytelling. I am most comfortable on other social media platforms like Instagram or Twitter.

However I did really enjoy trying out something new, I had never worked with a blog like WordPress. It felt great to have the freedom of writing whatever my heart desired without being limited to 140 characters or feeling pressured to post something for “likes”. It was liberating to know that I have my own little corner on the internet where nobody could judge the content I posted. It’s equivalent to the feeling of Abraham Maslow’s self-actualization (in the Hierarchy of Needs): although my blog isn’t gonna earn tons of views or even benefit me financially, it felt good to have a platform for my voice only.

I wanna give a big thank you to Mr. Ryan Seslow for being such a dope educator. Thank you for allowing us to be ourselves and helping give us a voice through DS101.

To everyone else in the class, it was a pleasure to meet everyone and I enjoyed the time we shared together, no matter how small it may have been. I hope to see some of you around campus! Thank you for making this class enjoyable and thank you for being yourselves.

Goodbye CT101, the greatest course I’ve ever known❤️

One thought on “Final Salutations to CT101”

  1. Thank you so much for the kind words!
    But, more so, thank you for the hard work and consistent evolution in the course! Week to week we saw improvement and creative expression!
    The emphasis is on being a little better than we were the week before. To explore together, create together and learn from each other in the process itself. I know that the Virus put a terrible twist on things – but Im so proud of the work that has been completed during this tough time. Thank you for the great work!

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