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In CT101  I learned a lot of good things. One is making a story out of just GIFs. It was cool honestly. I never used that many GIFs in my whole entire life. Another thing that I’ve learned was how to make a meme using photoshop. It was really cool and interesting to learn and kinda hard at first but I got it under control. I can honestly say I enjoyed my time in this class.

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I believe I should get a B in this class because I did do my work in the class but when we became online I was really hard to stay focused on what to do. I couldn’t really follow what was going on. Because I am a visual learner

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I’ve been working on my website. I made my website based on my second job. I’m a College Mentor to High School Students. I made the site to introduce myself and also give students a place to contact me if need be. Making the website was a little difficult because I didn’t have any idea on what I wanted my website to be about. At first, I was just going to make an online resume for myself but then I realized a needed a platform for my students to seek my attention if they needed help.

This is how I would describe my website—->

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  1. I liked your post and it was nice to know that you enjoyed the class. Using your website as a platform for teaching your students is good because you are putting it to use and are making it easier for you to communicate with your students and vice versa when you are not meeting with them.

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