Additional Blog Post: Me vs. Corona

If I’m going to be truthful, the Corona-virus has really took a toll on my life in general as of now.  To begin with, the Corona-virus took everybody from pre-k all the way up to college students out of school.  I’m not going to lie, at first I was so excited due to the fact that I thought school was going to be canceled for the next couple of days.  To be honest I feel like everybody was because during the time this all began, Spring Break was around the corner and me along side with some of my peers thought we was having something like an extended Spring Break.

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It wasn’t until the state couldn’t set a date on when we wouldn’t return to school is when I realized how serious this could be.  But, the concern for the virus wasn’t in my worries because neither me or anyone I knew contracted the virus or really talked about it being so detrimental as it would soon become.  During the time I was working at Home Goods and have been working their consistently for 4 months.  2 weeks after schools were canceled, I received a phone call from my job telling me that I have been laid off due to stores having to close because of the Corona-virus.  This call made me feel so upset and left me in disbelief because I honestly thought that I would be working there for a while, this job out of so many I had was the most enjoyable and this job was my only source of income.

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Things were becoming very serious and I knew this because if an whole store has to close down due to them not wanting the virus to spread then they were going to soon close down other facilities.  Shortly after, the announcement was made that we will still be attending school but it will be held online.  I wasn’t very fond on the idea of taking classes online and I’m still not.  This online schooling has been very difficult to me because I learn better when I’m sitting in a classroom and when a Professor can actual demonstrate what they actually need me to do.  On a computer, I feel a sense of confusion when a Professor is trying to teach as well as knowing I could become easily distracted from home.  This was a difficult transition from going to class everyday, never once taking an online class to taking online classes everyday like it was normal.

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Taking online classes hasn’t been easy but since I had no choice, I had to suck it up and do what I had to do.  Through this whole process my parents have been still working because there job still required them to come in even though this deadly disease is going around.  About 3 weeks ago my mother wasn’t feeling well and told everybody that she wasn’t feeling like her normal self, so me and my family just told her to rest and maybe take a day off of work because all this stress from the corona-virus and her having to interact with customers probably made her extremely tired physically and mentally.  The next day she expressed to me that she really wasn’t feeling well and that she had a fever and was coughing very often.  To come to find out a couple of days later that she contracted the virus and was very sick.  As a family, we decided not to take her to the hospital due to many individuals dying, so instead we took the proper precautions and kept her home.  We were taking care of her 24/7 the way she described the pain she was feeling.  It was honestly just heart aching because there wasn’t much we could really do but sanitize everything she touched to keep from everybody else in the house from contracting it as well as making sure she ate and constantly giving her hot liquids to drink.  At this point I was so overwhelmed and honestly felt like giving up on school and every other thing I was doing.

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About 2 weeks later she started to feel better and start walking around and doing her normal routines around the house.  She then returned to work this last Monday so everything went back to normal in a sense.  At first, this Corona-virus was beating me up but it wasn’t that I contracted the virus, it was the mental aspect of it all and that was really messing me up.  I had to learn through all this to never stop fighting and to continue to strive even when you feel like the odds are against you.  The Corona-virus maybe was winning this battle in the beginning of it all but now I’m most definitely giving this virus a run for it’s money.

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