CT101 – Updated Calendar Info – No Classes this Week

Dear CT101 Students –

I hope this message finds you well! Thank you so much for reaching out individually and keeping in touch! I know it has been a very trying and difficult time.

I wanted to remind you all that we will NOT be meeting remotely tomorrow, Tuesday -4/7  or Thursday 4/9 in Zoom. Just in case you forgot, Tuesday 4/7 follows a Wednesday class schedule. Wednesday 4/8 starts spring break which will run until 4/10. We do not meet on Thursday 4/9. Please take a break and a rest if possible.

I will publish a new blog post here on our class website with an over view of what we have been working on with the domain registrations, hosting and wordpress set up. On Thursday 4/2 I recored a 1 hour video demonstration of setting up basic features in wordpress. I need to edit the video and make it a bit shorter. I am working on this now and will consolidate the last two classes video demos into one blog post.

But first, Please take a rest this week. Self care is very important in this trying time.

Please reach out if I can help, assist or work with you individually, I am here to help and accommodate any needs you have to move forward with our class.

E-mail – rseslow@york.cuny.edu

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