Assignment #7 [Coronavirus]

I honestly don’t know how to feel about this whole corona virus pandemic. I’m the type of person that prefers to look on the brighter side of things and kind of like appreciate things as they are. But this pandemic just made everything terrible. It made everything inconvenient and dysfunctional. For me personally I hate it because I actually felt like I was actually starting to get my life together, I had even got into the NSLS (National Society of Leadership and Success) program here at York. But because of everything that has been happening I can’t really focus on that and keep up with my classes at the same time. So it looks like I’m gonna have to drop out of that so that I have enough time to just be me and so that I don’t stress myself out. I’m OK with this though because I know that isn’t the end and I don’t want to rush anything and possibly make a mistake. I wanna take my time to figure things out. I don’t wanna just do things for a grade anymore or anything like that. That’s why I switched my major from Computer Science to Theater and my minor to Communications Technology. Overall this is a really bad situation we’re in but it’s not the end.

On the bright side I have more time to catch up on all of my video games and shows that I didn’t have time for before.

Avoiding Coronavirus:

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If We Only Knew:


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  1. I agree with your post and the school closures have really affected us as students and others. But, having more time to do other things does make up for it since we have something to do and pass our time.

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