Corona Scare

Upon my thoughts of the recent pandemic that has plagued our nation and other nations as well, the first thing I thought about whenever I heard about the Corona Virus was the apocalypse was near. My mind leans to this thought because as old horror movies would demonstrate of a deadly disease, there would always be signs leading towards the end of the world.

At first, when I thought about it, it was all for jokes as I believed in my heart the virus was serious but a minor thing. I prayed in my heart it would simply go away in the next few weeks or so when it was not such a big thing. However, sadly for me, I was mistaken as the virus not only spread to major regions of the world but it has stolen many lives of others and yet we still do not have a cure to stop it.

As of right now, it seems as those some people who have the disease that is safely quarantining themselves inside their house seem to be recovering back to their normal health, yet that is not the case for everyone. Some individuals get the virus worse than others, especially elderly people and those who have respiratory/health problems.

While the nation counts this to be a state of emergency, they are warning everyone to STAY INSIDE THEIR HOMES to prevent the spread of the virus. The idea of staying inside frustrates me the most because lately it has been gorgeous outside and knowing myself, I love going outside on beautiful days. In addition, upon the type of job that I am working at currently, I have access to go outside without the precondition of getting fined or being in trouble with the law.

Despite the unfortunate cases, the virus has done to families, friends, people’s employment and much more, it really impacts my school semester severely for one of two major reasons. The first reason is since the virus is considered to be a state of an emergency pandemic, schools, as well as major businesses and facilities, have been closed on behalf of safety reasons.

So for school, I am pretty much receiving online lectures for all my classes and having assignments due left and right because of the transition schools’ had to take to commence online learning. For me, it is a whole new system that I am not familiar with and it just too tedious to understand altogether. My second reason as to how the virus has impacted my school semester is because this is my last semester before a graduate in May and I am afraid that I will have to repeat the semester due to the virus. Also, graduation may or may not be postponed because of it. As for someone who would put themselves in my shoes, this would not be something I would imagine my last semester of college/graduation would be like. For now, all I can do is just pray that things will get extremely better by the next month or so.

Lastly, for my thoughts about moving forward with CT101 online as an entity, I have no worries whatsoever as Professor Ryan makes it easy and flexible for my classmates and me to understand and do the assignments efficiently. This class is the least of my worries as I believe I can still excel in this class while it being entirely online. Moreover, this class was relatively an online class, to begin with, so I have no problems with it being online now. As a result, I hope everyone stays safe in this crisis and we can continue to excel in the future.

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