Assignment # 8 Coronavirus

The coronavirus has been very frustrating because it has been interfering with my business, school, and social life. This virus has caused problems for alot of people. i have been away from my family and friends from social distancing. i just hope i havent infected anyone or even worse been infected. its been a couple if days now i’m in my house and i’m bored and losing it.

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its so weird people are stocking up on toilet papers, and purell, and masks.

also i think this is gonna effect the economy drastically especially with the stock market crashing and small and large business going out of business and even on freeze.

i think going forward with the class online isn’t as bad as other classes because we use technology compared to my other class like art. i think we can get thru this class fully online with any problems. A lot it ill be difficult because we wont have the face to face.

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