COVID-19….the pandemic!

COVID-19 aka Corona Virus hit us out of the blue. Let me tell you…. OF COURSE this is NOT good. A virus that has taken, and can potentially take more lives. It has affected many nations and families around the world, and on top of that the economy is looking bad.



Now schools are shutting down, businesses that are deemed “not essential” are shut down……but don’t worry the liquor store is deemed essential, so for all of you that loves to turn up….you have nothing to worry about.

Now personally 3 out of the 5 classes I am taking was already online, and quite frankly I originally wanted all my classes online for my senior year, but not due to a pandemic.  The transition was fairly smooth for me. The only thing I need to know is will there be a graduation ceremony , because that is what pushed me to finish college, so that’s the only thing i’m worried about.

Now…..let me express the cons…. I worked in a school so currently I am jobless….I am extremely bored in my house 24/7, but I am not complaining because I always said I needed a break. So, in all actuality I got my wish granted to me….in a sick way. I am up under my whole dysfunctional family lol, ANNNND I can never find anything to watch on Netflix (PLEASE COMMENT SUGGESTIONS). I was so used to my regular routine, and now I was forced to completely change it. 





Now the memes are the only thing that’s not making me feel bad about this situation, because it seem like everyone can relate, and it made me think back to this class….here are some of my favorite.

















Now I am trying to make the best of this and enjoy it while it lasts, because it’s going to be that day when we get back to normal life and wish we can just get another break from everything. Use this time the best way you can! 🙂

One thought on “COVID-19….the pandemic!”

  1. Well said! Love the memes, and use of text fun and variation.
    Crazy how sometimes the things we wish for show up in ways we did not wish for!

    Im sure the graduation ceremony will have an alternative plan, the college will send out info soon, Im sure.
    Stay safe!

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