COV-19 pandemic

COV-19 pandemic

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This pandemic has been very scary and dangerous for anyone on earth. I get worried because i was not expected both the Pandemic spreading that quickly and all NYC school will be school. This affect my normal life, because i like to go out, exploring nature and so one. This affects my job because i was told to stayed home in quarantine due to someone had some COV-19 symptoms. Me and that individual worked the same day that he felt those symptoms. I was told that i will get paid which is not that bad. I have not feel any symptoms yet i guess.It is been my 8th day and I feel good so far no symptoms. However, as soon as i knew that i have been stayed away from members of my family that is old. because we never know if i’m a carrier of this COV-19. So, i have been stayed home taking care of myself and stay isolated as much as i can. Although, This journey is not easy to stay alone. So, beside my online classes been quite fun because i always take at least one online every semester, i decided to teach myself some computer more advance languages on udemy ( Python , Java , and SQL). It becomes more easy for me to forget a bit about the world we are living now. This what i have been doing since then!


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  1. I too found out I worked with someone with a confirmed case of COVID-19 and it’s not a good feeling! All we can do from this point on is quarantine and stay safe lol, it’s just lame we all have to stay indoors and separated from friends and loved ones 🙁

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