Corona not a joke

Corona virus!! hmmmm. i don’t know where to start the conversation of coronavirus. The first time i heard about  recent epidemic of Covid-19 . I was worried and had a lot of questions like what is that? , where did it came from? , how it happened?

after figuring out all the question answers my face was literally shocked

when i saw the news that coronavirus is spreading rapidly everywhere and saw the updates from governor cuomo , president trump to stay home  and wash hands continuously, do the self quarantine. Also,declared a state of emergency. i was like that must be serious.

For me i have to go to work since my job is in the essential category . i was so mad but can not do anything about it as long i can be safe wearing mask and gloves.

i am so worried about my parents. if they get it will be a major issues for me . They both are so sick so i always tell them to be safe, wash their hands like 20 second and sanitize their hand and myself also.

I actually like online classes since i have to go to work so for me it is more easier to have classes online though i like to go to CT101 class because professor Ryan always show us new stuff on the computer. For me i learn things when i see the example in face to face class. so when i heard about all the classes going to be an online due to corona virus . I was so sad only for CT101 class because i really enjoy  that class. That is one my best class. I missing all the moment now with the classmates and obviously professor also.


  1. I agree 100% I love the use of your gifs too lol but yes Corona is driving me crazy I’m just happy I get to enjoy my new house in the meantime.

  2. Guess we are in the same team. As a MTA employee, I am also part of essential workers and have to serve the city. Do not know how much safe I will be. But those you who have chance to stay home, please do so, it will help decrease the infections.

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